1950 Restaurant – A Modern Interpretation of the Classics

1950 Restaurant – A Modern Interpretation of the Classics

In Quezon City, more and more homes are turned into a fancy restaurants. Instead of demolishing them and building a new one, restoring an already architectural beauty is the best option. You get the homey ambiance plus acclaimed global cuisine – and that’s what the 1950 Restaurant is all about.

1950 Restaurant was home to the Santaromana family which was built in 1950 as an extension of their home across the street as their family grew. They called it the “big house” and it hosted most of their intimate gatherings and celebrations.

To complete the experience, Chef Robby Goco and Chef Chester Velas took home-cooked dishes on whole new level. For appetizers alone they have been very creative with seasonal and regional ingredients.

Bone Marrow Php380 – Onion Jam, Portobello, Sourdough Toast

Lobster Bisque Php 600 -Maine Lobster, Crab Meat, Tarragon Cream and Brandy

Seafood Chowder Php 240 – Sourdough Bowl, Double Smoked Bacon.

Fennel Confit Php 340 – Burrata, Aburi Orange, Watercress, Torn Bread

Roasted Cauliflower Php 260 – Whipped Cheese, Honey Butter Emulsion, Black Olive Soil

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Php 300 -Spiced Honey, Garlic Scones, Brown Butter Gravy

Gambas na Hipon Php 650 – Vannamei Shrimp, Garlic Confit, Smoked Paprika

Grilled Octopus Php 320 – Purple Potato Confit and Foam, Pomegranates, Squid Ink Tuille

Caesar Salad Php 400 – Gilled Romaine Lettuce, Caesar Dressing, Crispy Bacon, Cured Egg Yolk

Foie Gras Brūlée Php 430 – Blackberry Compote, Tuille, Candied Beets

Those were just the appetizers alone. Hats off to chef Chef Robby Goco and Chef Chester Velas for using cutting edge techniques to create new styles of cuisine that hits the spot. Chef Chester’s technique is evident in these dishes you can check out my previous post about his creations on my Hotel Rembrandt Penthouse article.

I was only able to try three of their main dishes and it’s more than enough to impress me.

Roasted Duck Breast Php 600 – Berry Grastique, Squash, Kale, Borderlaise Sauce

Angus Prime Ribeye Burnt Ends Php 400 – Angus Prime Ribeye, House made Barbecue sauce

Adobo Classics P350 – Bangus Belly Adobo sa Gata, Chicken Adobong Tagalog, Pork Belly Adobo sa Dilaw

Sinigang Na Lechon Php 375 – Pork Belly Roulade, Tomato Sofrito, Caramelized Pineapple Broth

I was busy the whole evening eating and remembering how each one of them taste or what their names were. What I’m sure of is that I would recommend you try the Roasted Duck Breast, Fennel Confit, Sinigang na Lechon to begin with and then you can have any of the rest. They’re all good but it’s those three I would come back for.

You can also ask for a cup of coffee, glass of wine, or martinis and cocktails that delicately concocted with fresh herbs, juices and creative infusions. So whatever mood you’re in, they’ve got drinks for you and your date, if you have one.

1950 Restaurant is also home to local craft beers from Calle Brewery –Espada ni Lapu-Lapu (wheat ale), Bigote ni Antonio (American style IPA), Salakot ni Diego (blonde ale) and Canyon ni Panday (stout).

1950 Restaurant – 14 Castilla Street, Quezon City

1950 Restaurant is a gastronomic getaway that will take you back in time give you the much needed break when the hustle and bustle of city living becomes too much.