It’s Throwback Thursdays on the National Geographics Channel

It’s Throwback Thursdays on the National Geographics Channel

I’ve read a lot of articles saying that people born from the 80s had the best childhood, teenage years, and I very much agree to it. No touch screen device keeping us talking to each other, Google was not there to do our homework, and since there was no social networking sites, connection was so much real.

There are a lot to love about the 90s, here are my favorites:

  • Games are a lot cheaper, all you need to do is go outside.
  • TV shows are better. It was in the 90s when American TV series are a hit, and take note, none of them is tagalized. On the local side sitcoms are doing great, there’s not much room for drama unlike today where drama dominates the networks.
  • Music is much deeper and has a more meaningful lyrics. Today, it’s all about making out, partying, telling everybody I’m rich, and being young, wild and free.
  • Love letters, thank you notes, invitations, and greeting cards are all handwritten.

The 90s was the year when disco houses were last seen, National Geographic brought it back with its #90sOnNatGeo Party! Celebrating the decade that connected us with the loud banging bass music, witty rap lyrics, and danceable tunes.

90s 1

Rodel all geared up for the party with his 90s gangster-look(or Daniel Padilla gangster look).

90s 3

Relive the decade that made the Monica Lewinsky a household name, the Gulf war, the attack on World Trade Center, the Family Computer, Walkman, and a lot more! Starting Sept 18, it’s Throwback Thursdays at 9PM at the National Geographic Channel as they feature The 90s: The Decade that Connected Us.

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