A Thai Restaurant Named Mango Tree

A Thai Restaurant Named Mango Tree

Thai cuisine is certainly one of the favorite cuisines of the world and world-renowned Thai restaurant Mango Tree has recently landed in Bonifacion High Street Central, Taguig. Mango Tree, being a casual fine dining restaurant, ensures every guests has their memorable experience with its Thais lifesytle cooking and warm hospitality.

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With the help of Chef Siwat Korem, Mango Tree is getting a lot of great feedback. With his  27 years of experience he probably can create dishes with his eyes closed and still come out perfect.

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Chef Siwat Korem

Only 10 days to go before Christmas and here are one of their signature dishes that  you would want to add on your Christmas list.

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See Krong (Grilled Ribs)
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Nua Ob (Roasted Beef Tenderloin)

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Mango Tree’s menu brings together the best of all four regions of Thailand. They are all destine to bring a true and unforgettable Thai cuisine experience. For reservations visit Mango Tree at Bonifacio High Street Central or you may call (02) 632-621-3233

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Merry Christmas!

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