A Walk in the Rain

I love walking in the rain.  The feel of having your feet wet from rain drops while trying hard to keep your hair dry under the umbrella. Then every now and then you let your hand out of the protection of the umbrella to feel the raindrops n the palm of your hands.

The first thing I look for is something to eat.  Walking along Kapasigan gives you a lot of options.  But before anything else, lets make sure that our children’s health are protected throughout the rainy season.

Then off we go to look for something different to eat. Guess our wet stinky feet brought us?

We got interested in eating those kwek-kweks, the huge ones – regular-sized eggs.  You can get them in Penoys or Baluts for as low as 10 to 20 pesos.  I also ate a bowl of lugaw and my wife got herself a bowl of hot mami from the other store.

Just behind us is the new park.  It’s where the old police station and the Pasig City jail used to be.   Eating kwek-kweks, lugaw and mami were not enough so we took home 3 packs of popcorn from manong. Something to eat while watching a rerun of movies on cable.

This is what I like about the rainy days. What do you do on days like this?

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