Anne Curtis Has No Other Tuna

Anne Curtis Has No Other Tuna

Anne Talks about loyalty in her new TV Commercial with Century Tuna. Century Tuna’s “No Other Tuna” TVC is a collaborative work between Film Armada and PC&V Communications.

A self-confessed Century Tuna fan for years now, Anne shares that she loves the product because of its delicious taste. She also shares that among the different variants, her favorite is the Century Tuna Flakes in Oil, which she enjoys in several ways depending on her mood. As she is always on the go, she often eats it with just bread or crackers. But sometimes, when she has time to spare, she mixes it with egg to make an omelette, or with mayonnaise to make into a spread. 

She insists that you must have a FITspiration to help you out with your diet. Someone you look up to when it comes to fitness.


I got to ask ask her a few questions about loyalty during the press screening of the TV Ad. She agrees that being loyal to a brand denies you  the possibilities that there are other brands out there that are probably better than what you are loyal to. But she believes that if you have a favorite, no matter how good the other brands are you will stick to the one you love. Just like any relationship, there may be prettier, sexier women out there but you still stick to the one you love. It’s not just loyalty but love.

Century Tuna (13 of 25)

What if there is a product that is better than what you are loyal to will you leave and change loyalty? “In time, Yes I would”, she answered.


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