Aquaria Leisure Resort in Calatagan, Batangas

Aquaria Leisure Resort in Calatagan, Batangas

Summer won’t be complete without a touch sand on our feet or a taste of salty sea water while the wind blows your office worries away.


Batangas is home to the best beaches in the Luzon. Only 3 hours away from Manila is the town of Calatagan. Calatagan is at the edge of Batangas so there’s a long stretch of beach resorts available.

You’ll hardly notice the travel time as your eyes feasts on the vast plains and majestic mountains filled with trees of all sorts. Smile and greet locals along the way and takes photos and capture life in the province. They say it’s the journey an not the destination that matters, but there’s an exemption. It’s the journey and the destination – Aquaria Leisure Resort.

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Aquaria offers 1.2 hectare summer getaways with everything you look for an outdoor trip – the trees, the sand, the sea, the pool and lots of activities. It has the best of both worlds, the sea and the pool.

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Aquaria has a kiddie pool, cover pool, a sunken pool bar for your dipping pleasure connected through a narrow river-like stream. Lifeguards are visible making sure that not only are you having fun but also safe.

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The huge spiral slide is a must try. Don’t just swim there, take the Slide!


Now we head to the beach.


The beach is still part of the resort and you don’t need to pay anything extra for it. The sun can be so harsh so sun loungers are equipped with huge umbrellas, as well as hammocks, for those who wish to enjoy the sea breezes and beach views.

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Though the sand isn’t as perfect as what you see and feel in Boracay, it’s still worth the travel. You can try out water sports like kayaking, wind surfing and the stand-up paddle boards.



If you’re not into water sports head back to the sand and play some beach volleyball or soccer.


Or take a boat ride and see just enjoy the scenery including one of the oldest light house in the country.


You don’t have to go to the famous beaches to enjoy summer; first of all, it’s crowded, second it’s costly and last it’s far. I would recommend this if you are looking for a place to dip and enjoy the sun and the sand. The only issue I had is that it does not have cottages for overnight stay. Soon, Landco will be putting up a world-class seaside condominium near Aquaria, just a few steps away from the beach.

Aquaria welcomes guests at P400 per head for adults and P200 per head for children, which is already an all-day access. Those who want to avail of cabanas can do so at rates of P1, 000 for the smaller ones, and P1,500 for the bigger ones (good for ten people) for the whole day

20 thoughts on “Aquaria Leisure Resort in Calatagan, Batangas

  1. We had our own service when we went there so I honestly don’t know how to go there.

    There is a bus going directly to Calatagan, Batangas at EDSA-Taft Pasay Bus stations and from there. Then just ask the bus driver/conductor where to go to Aquaria once in Calatagan. I think there are jeeps that can take you there.

  2. There is no membership and wala ring overnight option. Walang rooms or villas available. Syang nga eh,it would have been great kung pwedeng mag overnight.

  3. Yes they are. You have to wear proper swim wear – bathing suits and swimming shorts if you are to dip in the pool. But if you are to swim at the beach, you can even swim with your shirt on.

  4. Sorry but I was not able to take note of it. We wered served buffet style dining when we were there. I’m not sure if it was just for that day, because we were guests. You can contact them directly and confirm.

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