Art Fair Philippines 2013

Art Fair Philippines 2013

February is not only the love month or heart month, but most importantly it is the Philippines National Arts Month.  And for the love of art comes the Art Fair Philippines 2013 which showcased a great visual feast in Makati where art is very much supported alive.

Art Fair Philippines 2013 is located at the 6th level of The Link, it’s a car park transformed in to a huge art gallery that will tickle you senses. For only P100 you can treat your self with  a unique experience.

The Link, photo courtesy of Ayala Land

Treat yourself for an hour or two of passion, creativity and mystery. There’s always a story behind each art. Each brush strokes tells a story, every strike of the chisel, a part of the artist pounded in to his masterpiece. That’s what I love about art works. It makes my synapses work. What story is the artist trying to convey? Why did he choose that color? Why so dark? It’s a never ending process and I love it.



The art exhibition was packed with the best and most distinct examples of Philippine contemporary art. Among the galleries featured in the art fair were Art Informal, Blanc, Boston Gallery, CANVAS, Finale Art Gallery, Galleria Duemila, Manila Contemporary, MO Space, Silverlens, Tin-Aw Gallery, The Drawing Room, West Gallery.



A lot of distinguish artists were also present during the exhibition. Celebrities known to supporters the culture and the arts. Were also present. I was able to spot Juluis Babao, Margie Moran, Carlos Celdran, Sharmaine Arnaiz (still beautiful) among others.


The photo below is one of my favorite. A collection of prayer cards with religious photos stacked in wooden frames with bottle crowns on the edges. I don’t know why but it captured my attention and it didn’t offend my religious feelings (I just had to rub it in).


Here’s the mandatory self portrait. I think the art looks better with me in it. Don’t you think?


The Art Fair Philippines will also be launching the Philippine Art Awards, a platform to recognize & exhibit the works of established and emerging local artists to reach a wider audience. AFP’s next project, “Art in the Park” will open on March 16, 2013 at the Jaime C. Velasquez Park.

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