I Like Them Waxed

You got a nice top of the line car. You added some bling to it to make it look cooler than it already is. What’s missing? Make it shine!  There are a lot of ways to take care of your car but it’s not very economical. If you think that the only way to give your car that new car glow, is to regularly take it to a shop for washing and waxing, then you aren’t wrong.

Car Wash Shampoo – Carnauba Car Wax – Scratch Remover – Paint Protector – Tire Black – Rain Repellent – Color Glaze – Wash & Wax

Introducing Aut0-Gard. Auto-Gard is one of the best known premium brands in car care, despite this, Auto-Gard products are significantly more affordable than other well known brands.  Auto-Gard’s line is also one of the most complete on the market.  No matter what you lifestyle is, and no matter what vehicle you drive, Auto-Gard makes a car wax that will work best for you.  Because they are premium products, the results they deliver last a long time, so frequent re-application in not necessary.  You can easily get by on a single wash and wax every one or two months.

It’s very affordable  and it does the job.  Wash & Wax 250ml – Php64.75 Rain Repellent 100ml – Php99.75 Scratch Remover 100ml –  Php64.75 Carnauba Car Wax 100ml – Php59.75 Tire Black 120ml – Php64.75

Auto-Gard makes products for other surfaces of your car as well, Auto-Gard Tire Black makes your tires look even better than new, and Auto-Gard Rain Repellant is so effective it almost eliminates the need for windshield wipers.

It doesn’t look goo right? I’m gonna try the tire black and update this post.

Auto-Gard is available at all Ace Hardware and Handyman outlets, at prices you are sure to find surprisingly affordable for premium US made products. Auto-Gard is distributed by Miles & Levels Philippines. Like them on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/milesandlevels

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