Going Beyond Burnham with Azalea Hotel and Residences

The “Summer Capital of the Philippines” is best visited after summer to avoid the high volume of visitors and enjoy the cool places that Baguio has to offer. Most of those who have visited Baguio have probably gone to Burnham Park, Mines View Park, Botanical Garden, and other cliche places, but Baguio is more than that and Azalea Residences knows just where to take you.

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Azalea Residences Baguio is located at Leonard Wood Loop, Brgy M. Roxas, it’s just right across Teacher’s Village and the Botanical Garden, and only a few minutes away from Burnham Park, Session Road and SM Baguio. It has crafted 99 well-pointed and multi-occupant apartment suite rooms which includes 46 Deluxe, 17 One-Bedroom, and  Three-bedroom all fully furnished. I’ll get on the room details on another post, for now we’ll tour around Baguio City and experience new places, great food, and the breeze.

We left Manila at around 7AM and arrived at Azalea Hotel and Residences after 4.5 hours and were welcomed with refreshments, warm towels and some pudding to help us regain our HP (yeah, Pokemon Hunter levels). A bouquet of fresh flowers greeted us in our room but we didn’t get to explore our room just yet because we were just to leave our luggage and go back down for lunch.

Lunch is at Azalea Hotel and Residences restaurant called Tradisyon. They serve Filipino comfort food using fresh vegetables from the mountains of Benguet.  For dinner they have different buffet themes,  Mexican Fiesta on Wednesdays, Mongolian on Thursdays, Chinese Hot Pot on Fridays, and Pizza, Pasta and Salad on Saturdays. For our lunch we had the best kare-kare in town.

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After lunch we were given time to refresh before we head to our first stop, Tam-Awan Village. It’s located at 366-C Pinsao Proper in Baguio City. It was drizzling when we reached Tam-Awan Village but it didn’t prevent us from enjoying the view and art works displayed.

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Before the rain starts pouring we made a quick tour of the village. It was steep and slippery and we didn’t too far because we don’t have an umbrella with us plus the path is getting slippier evey minute but we got to take a few photos.

Tam-Awan 10( of 9)

Tam-Awan (1 of 9)

 After descending we went to visit some of the galleries to marvel at the paintings made by the local artists.

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Then, we were immortalized in to a piece of paper within a few minutes. Mine will be framed and displayed at The Louvre Museum hanging beside Michelangelo’s Monalisa. Kuya artist will be peymus, his work will be known as “God’s work of art transformed into human art.”

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While waiting for others to finish we started munching on the their club sandwiches and warming up our tummies with turmeric and mountain tea. It was the perfect snack for that rainy Wednesday afternoon.

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We were lucky to have be at Tam-Awan Village in time for a documentary production for a local TV show so local indigenous people present were on their costumes and presented a dance ritual.

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After the dance we went back to Azalea Hotel and Residences to prepare for dinner. We were surprised to find a basket full of fruits in our room. Since it was Wednesday we had a Mexican Fiesta Buffet. The following morning we we’re up early for our trip to Camp John Hay to ride horses.


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