B Hotel – A Rising Star in The City of Stars

B Hotel – A Rising Star in The City of Stars

From the city of stars rises a new star, B Hotel QC. BHotel is from the same company that brought us The Bellevue ManilaThe Bellevue Resort (Bohol), and B Hotel Alabang so it’s no surprise that it’s as grand and as classy as the B Hotel’s distant relatives.

BHotel 15

BHotel 17

B Hotel was a surprise, it’s not something that you’d expect in the middle of the busy streets of Quezon City. The interior was reminded me of the posh hotels in Makati and the popular ones in Ortigas. The furniture and fixtures were of fine material and compliments the modern artistic theme of the hotel. Each piece of furniture was well thought and each piece is an art itself. The lobby provides a great first impression and a taste of what is in store for us when we check in.

BHotel 16

BHotel 18

The lobby is very spacious and the glass walls provide illumination. At each end is a place where you can hang out and chill. One end is the bar while the opposite end is a cafe. The center is where you get to eat your meals. I’ll discuss about the food on another post.

BHotel 13

BHotel 14

The bar still carries the overall theme of the place with classic looking ergonomic leather seats. The bar is loft-type, at the far end of the lobby above the buffet area. Its location is perfect for those private moments or if just feel like showering your lonely heart with cocktail mixes or drowning it with a few bottles of your favorite beer.

BHotel 12

BHotel 11

At the other end of the lobby is the cafe and above it are two separate meeting rooms that can fit 10 and 15 comfortably. A projector and sound system can be requested.

BHotel 22

BHotel 21

If you need a more seats and a bigger area for your event, head on the the 3rd floor of B Hotel and check out their ballroom area which can host 200 guests and there’s another conference/meeting room at the same floor that’s bigger than the one’s in the lobby.

BHotel 23

BHotel 24

You can conduct corporate meetings or celebrate events in the function which can be fixed and adjusted accordingly to fit your requirements.

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