Backwell Partners with Hineleban For It’s New Menu

Backwell Partners with Hineleban For It’s New Menu

I have never been to Poblacion simply because it’s outside of my regular route and I thought that most of the bars and restaurants probably offers the same thing as those outside of it. But finally I got myself a reason to brave the traffic and visit Poblacion. Say hello to Backwell by BBZ.

Backwell is located between Rockwell and Poblacion proper. Actually it’s at the back of Rockwell hence the name Backwell. What brought me there that day was its partnership with Hineleban Café to offer new menu and extended working hours.

Hineleban Café is a proud affiliate of the Hineleban Foundation which works hand-in-hand with the indigenous people of Bukidnon to restore the rainforest of Mindanao. I had the chance to visit Bukidnon and explore its organic farms – Alomah’s Place, Buhian Forest Agriculture, Buhayan Diversified Farm, Jaya’s Garden and the Veranda.

The Parsley Adlai Tabbouleh was personally brought by Chef Sabrina Artadi and it was good. What surprised me were the ingredients. It’s pechay. haven’t seen or eaten a pechay salad coz most salads use different types of lettuce. What’s cool is that it was served in a capiz bowl and wooden spoon, the presentation added a bit more flavor to it.

While most Calamari are served with vinegar sauce, Backwell’s is served on top of a pomodoro sauce and a tartar sauce as the dip. I love it both ways but I’d prefer the pomodoro + tartar sauce over the other plus it’s perfectly cooked, not chewey nor I did have to gnaw on it.

Wagyu Tapa is made from Australian Wagyu beef and then topped with toasted garlic chips served on a sizzling plate. You can never go wrong with tapa, specially if it’s wagyu. It’s a must try at Backwell.

The first of the two heart-friendly dishes today is the Crispy Pata. It’s Fork-tender, meaning you can make “tusok” the crispy pata without or little resistance. It’s served sinamak vinegar which is originally Ilocos and it’s mixed with spices like onion, chilies, garlic and black pepper.

Completing the heart-friendly dishes is the Putok Batok. It’s a deadly combination of the chicharon, deep fried chicken skin, and chicharon bulaklak served plain sinamak vinegar. Does it live up to its name? I don’t want to find out.

To add to the experience get yourself a bottle or two (or more) of Saison. It’s from a local craft brewer Monkey Eagle. Easy to drink hard to tell that it’s at 7.5% ABV.

To reward us for making it thru the deadly duo we were served with a Tomahawk. A U.S. Prime Tomahawk steak with au jus (light broth), horse radish cream and vegetables. It’s so good, I felt like a caveman eating cooked meat for the first time. The dog will be very happy if I brought the bone home, it’s huge.


The highlight of meal are the dishes made with adlai. First is the Dirty Cajun Liver also by Chef Sabrina. I’m a fan of liver, especially in adobo this one is cooked with rhum (Tanduay).

Adlai or Job’s Tears is the healthier alternative to rice, better than brown, red or black rice. It has Low Glycemic Index, Gluten Free, high in Vitamin B Complex, high in Calcium and a great source of Protein. What you’ll be surprised to know is that it also the closest thing to rice when it comes to texture and taste. We tried brown rice at home but it doesn’t go well with most of our dishes specially soup based like sinigang; it also not good as fried rice. Adlai is indeed the better substitute to rice.

Adlai Caldo is aldai in chicken broth and turmeric. It’s a classic comfort food made healthier. Also good for hangovers.

To cap the day off we had a glass of Gin Tonic and Gin Tree over conversations about conservations.

We can’t let the day pass without trying the famous Hineleban Coffee. As part of their conservation program, you get to plant a tree and name it for every bag of Hineleban Farms Specialty Coffee purchased. Check out their website for more info –

If you plan to visit Poblacion this coming drop by Backwell by BBZ at 8471 Kalayaan Ave, Makati. It’s near Rockwell. In the meantime check out their Facebook page –

Also check out and to get to know about the foundation and how you can help.