Experience The #BaconEffect with Greenwich Bacon Crispy Thins

Experience The #BaconEffect with Greenwich Bacon Crispy Thins

Yesterday I was attacked by a group of bacons served in variety of ways by Greenwich Pizza. I could not run away nor fight back, they were just to strong for me. The cream cheese and bacon poutine with caramelized onions, apples and chives, the baked potato cream cheese soup with bacon, and the bacon devilled egg.

The Bacon Effect

The gang of bacons were joined by Greenwich Pizza’s favorites and the boss of all bacons, the Greenwich Bacon Crispy Thins. It’s a limited edition pizza that has cream cheese, mozzarella, ham and mushroom. That’s why Greenwich has decided to make bacon the star of its latest pizza, the Bacon Crispy Thins!

Bacon Effect 2

I had the chance to create one myself and it was easy because everything’s prepared for us including the dough.

Bacon Effect 10

See the generous amount of bacon in it, that is actually how it is when you order one. The pizza has bacon slices and bacon bits and it has my name on it which makes it more appealing.

Bacon Effect 11

Bacon Effect 3

Greenwich Bacon Crispy Thins gave us another reason to have fun, go crazy and let the #BaconEffect takeover our system. Andre Paras, Jerome Ponce and Yassi Pressman were also there to spread the bacon effect.

Bacon Effect 1

The Bacon Crispy Thins pizza will be sold in Greenwich branches nationwide at a starting price of P220 from July to September 30 or until supplies last. And because it’s National Bacon Lover’s Day on August 20, watch out for exciting activities from Greenwich.

Grab your barkada to get your bacon fix at your favorite Greenwich pizzeria, or call Greenwich delivery at #5-55-55 and get that goodness delivered straight to your door. Stay updated with the latest from Greenwich on Facebook and @greenwichpizza on Twitter and Instagram.

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