Rediscovering Marikina Restos with Beeffalo by Hot Rocks

Rediscovering Marikina Restos with Beeffalo by Hot Rocks

After visiting Beeffalo by Hot Rocks in Antipolo two months ago, I got to visit them again but this time in Marikina. The restaurant first opened in October 2013 along a quiet road on Gil Fernando Avenue in Marikina City. Back then, it was a place that no one would dare think of putting up a restaurant in because it had less foot traffic and was surrounded by vacant lots. Fast-forward to 2016, the place has now become a foodie haven.


Compared to Beeffalo Antipolo, the Marikina branch is more spacious and tables outside for people who love to dine under a tree or those who are smoking.


The Halloween decorations were put up by the owner’s house help and it was all from scratch. They have made use any available materials that they can transform into a decorative item.



I was not able to get inside and take photos because the place is crowded with new new and returning customers. It was full packed evening and even the al fresco is loaded and people were taking photos and having their photos taken with the displays.

After securing a table I ordered my favorite BBQ Taco Salad and Margherita Pizza. These two are a must when you get to visit Beeffalo.



We also got another order of the Sizzling Beef Ribs in Tamarind Gravy because sinigang is life.


Other items on the menu are the Beeffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip, Barbeque Platter (a medley of Isaw, Tenga, and Bulaklak),  Roasted Pumpkin or Broccoli Cheese Soups, and Three Cheese Biscuit Pizzas with a heavenly thin crust. Check out the some of the dishes that I have already featured during my first visit – Beeffalo by Hot Rocks, Antipolo.

For something new I tried the Lamb Adobo together with a glass of Mojito. The Lamb Adobo was nothing special, it didn’t impress me much probably because I was used to their great tasting steak and ribs.


The Grilled Pork Liempo is good. It lives up to Beeffalo’s promise of flavorful, unpretentious food. It’s simple and satisfying. The Grilled Pork Barbecue is typical pinoy barbecue that we love which a bit of sweetness to it.



Then there was dessert. They ordered Dulce de Leche Cheesecake and the last piece of the Turtle Pie for that night.



 I had the Jar of Monkeys and I didn’t intend to share. It’s 3 scoops of ice cream, banana, crushed pineapple, nuts, mini-mallows, chocolate and strawberry syrup.


Beeffalo has a  certain charm that keeps food lovers happy and satisfied with every visit. Whether it’s your first or third time Beeffalo is worth coming back to, just like home cooked meals which is what they envisioned it to be.

Beeffalo by HotRocks is open Sundays to Thursdays (11am to 11 pm and Fridays and Saturdays (11am to 12mn). For inquiries, call  Beeffalo Marikina 0939 -1130772; and Beeffalo’s  Antipolo branch (5341160)