Ben Tennyson 10 Returns on October at Cartoon Network

It’s hero time, as our favorite 10-year-old hero is finally back on Cartoon Network, with the global premiere on October 1! Packed with powerful aliens, comedic ups-and-downs and epic bad-guy takedowns, the series follows a reimagined Ben Tennyson, his cousin Gwen and wise Grandpa Max as they embark on their seemingly endless summer vacation.


The all-new series goes back to the time when Ben first discovers the Omnitrix, the alien watch-like device that allows him to transform into 10 kick-ass alien heroes. Embracing the coolest elements that made the original show a worldwide sensation during the past decade, this reboot is packed with heart, humor and heroism that everyone loves – and more!

Proving that anyone could be a hero, Ben confronts monsters and problems like Dr. Animo’s plans to take over the world, as well as new villains like Nanny Nightmare. The brand new Ben 10 is still full of laugh-out-loud funny moments and turbo-powered alien battles, with a modern action-packed twist.

The franchise has been nominated for two Emmy Awards and won the prestigious ‘Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation’ and is one of the most popular animations in the Philippines ever. Excited yet? Get ready for brand new alien-powered adventures of Ben 10 by watching the promo here!

Oh and one more wonderfully epic thing to watch out for—Cartoon Network gives fans a chance to meet their favorite Cartoon Network characters when they drop by selected Globe stores in the metro and watch never-before-seen episodes of Ben 10 at the Cartoon Network Watch & Play launch with Globe happening this October 22-23 at the Globe Iconic Store, BGC. For more information, visit

The all-new Ben 10 premieres at 8:45am on Saturday, October 1, only on Cartoon Network.

Cartoon Network is available on SKYCable Channel 43, SKYCable HD Channel 178, Cignal Channel 35, Cignal HD Channel 110, Destiny Cable (Digital) Channel 43, Destiny Cable (Analog) Channel 51 and Cable Link Channel 26, Dream Satellite Channel 15.