STAYcation and STEAKation at BHotel in QC

STAYcation and STEAKation at BHotel in QC

Staycations wouldn’t be complete without good food and our recent trip to BHotel had our mouths fill with flavors. BHotel has everything a foodie would want to try – a cafe, a restaurant, a bar, and a steak house. You will never have to leave the place to dine or have a drink or two.

First the Pastry Corner. Located at the lobby it serves the one of the best ensaymada you can find in Manila. Aside from coffee, they also offer the healthy concoctions to pair up with your mini cakes. They have celery, apple, carrot, cucumber to begin with.

BHotel Cafe 1

I’m not into sweets so didn’t order one that’s purely chocolate, I got the German Chocolate Cake. I actually found something that’s nuttier than I am.

BHotel Cafe 2

Here are the sweets I was trying to avoid, I did my best but the cakes won and got the best of me. The Belgian chocolate cake and the Truffle cake are truly irresistible.

BHotel Cafe

After the sweets, the steaks.

The steaks we’re from the newly open steak house in BHotel, the Johnny’s Steak and Grill located within the hotel but you would have to go out the building to get in to it. Our steaks were served at the Lobby Cafe because it Johnny’s Steak and Grill isn’t open yet.

BHotel (157 of 163)

At that time they didn’t have a menu yet and we were just asked to choose from either tenderloin and rib-eye on either pepper, mushroom or red wine sauce. Here’s a closer look at the tenderloin steak in red wine sauce…

BHotel Johnny 1

and the rib eye on mushroom sauce.

BHotel Johnny 2

Now let’s get back inside BHotel and eat some more.

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