STAYcation and STEAKation at BHotel in QC

STAYcation and STEAKation at BHotel in QC

The Lobby Cafe offers a mix of different cultures and flavors but we ought to check our their twist on Filipino dishes so we tried one of their Filipino Specialties.

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The favorite among all that was served was the Pinakbet with Bagnet, joining two Filipino favorites from the north on one plate. Joining the Pinakbet with Bagnet was Chicken Jus and Beef with Black Pepper Sauce.

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Last but definitely not the list is the Mezzanine Bar. A place that you might want to visit before you go up to your room. The Mezzanine Bar have ice cold beers for P65 and cocktails at P110 everyday at happy hour (5-8pm) and beer all you can at P550 from 8PM to 10PM (only for local beers).

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BHotel gives you more than one reason to just stay and enjoy your vacation. BHotel has got you covered from Staycation, to Steak-cation, to Bake-cation, and Drink-cation. For more information, call the B Hotel Q.C. at tel. no. 990-5000. Or you may visit their social media accounts here.

Twitter: @BHotelQC
Instagram: @BHotelQC

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