Shopee Empowers Gen Z Shoppers with New Features and Welcomes BINI as Brand Ambassador

Shopee Empowers Gen Z Shoppers with New Features and Welcomes BINI as Brand Ambassador

Shopee is setting its sights on the future with innovative features designed to make online shopping even more accessible, convenient, and enjoyable for the rising generation of Filipino Gen Z shoppers. This exciting announcement coincides with the unveiling of BINI, the popular girl group, as Shopee’s newest brand ambassador.

The launch of these features comes at a pivotal time. The Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) E-Commerce Philippines 2024-2028 Roadmap emphasizes building trust between online buyers and sellers, aligning perfectly with Shopee’s vision of creating a seamless and exciting online shopping experience.

Furthermore, the rise of Gen Z consumers presents a vast opportunity for tech companies. Shopee, recognizing this potential, conducted a study with Kantar to understand Gen Z’s online shopping behaviours. The research revealed a tech-savvy and value-driven generation that prioritizes thorough research and product quality before purchasing. Based on these insights, Shopee developed features that address Gen Z’s needs, ultimately creating a more positive shopping experience.

Shopee Makes Online Shopping “Ang Dali-Dali” for Gen Z

“Shopee is committed to providing a platform that empowers Filipino Gen Zs to shop with greater confidence and ease, experiencing the joy of online shopping,” says Huiyan Pan, Regional Marketing Lead at Shopee. “With the introduction of Ang Dali-Dali sa Shopee (It’s Easy on Shopee), we aim to assure our users that online shopping can be secure and convenient.”

Shopee’s new features directly address Gen Z’s top priorities, transforming the online shopping experience for the younger generation.

COD Unbox: Inspect Before You Accept

Shopee’s recent Gen Z Shopper Study highlighted that while this generation appreciates excellent deals, they value trustworthy brands and secure transactions. In response, Shopee launched COD Unbox: Return on the Spot. This feature allows Cash-On-Delivery (COD) customers to open and inspect their parcels upon delivery. If there are any issues with the order, such as damaged items, incorrect products, or missing items, customers can return the parcel to the delivery rider immediately.

Hassle-Free Returns with More Flexibility

Shopee’s existing Return and Refund policy allows buyers to return orders without contacting sellers. The platform handles all return and refund requests through its convenient Return/Refund feature. Additionally, Shopee has introduced a new “Change of Mind” option within the policy. This allows customers to return products that don’t meet their expectations regarding fit or style.

On-Time Delivery with Added Perks

Shopee further demonstrates its commitment to timely deliveries with the launch of its On-Time Delivery program. If an order arrives past its designated delivery date, users will receive a complimentary discount voucher as a token of appreciation.

Shopee’s research indicates that Gen Z shoppers prioritize a seamless return and refund process alongside speedy delivery services. These new features directly address these needs, ensuring a more positive online shopping experience.

Beyond Shopping: Embracing Gen Z Values

Shopee’s understanding of Gen Z extends beyond their purchasing behaviors. The study also revealed that authenticity, social connectivity, and individuality are core values for this generation.

BINI, the rising girl group, embodies these values. This alignment made them the perfect choice to become Shopee’s newest brand ambassador. BINI will be the face of upcoming campaigns, further solidifying Shopee’s dedication to bringing joy to online shopping and empowering Gen Z to pursue their desires confidently through the platform.

By aligning its offerings with Gen Z’s evolving needs and values, Shopee plays an important role in shaping the future of e-commerce in the Philippines.

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