“Cowmustahan!”: Birch Tree Fortified Choco’s Fun & Educational YouTube Series for Kids

“Cowmustahan!”: Birch Tree Fortified Choco’s Fun & Educational YouTube Series for Kids

In today’s fast-paced world, Birch Tree Fortified Choco recognizes the value of meaningful connections and life lessons. That’s why they’re thrilled to present “Cowmustahan!”, a captivating YouTube series that combines wholesome fun with valuable wisdom.

A World of Fun and Wisdom in Every Episode:

More than just a kid’s show, “Cowmustahan!” is a delightful journey with Berty, a curious and kind baby cow, and Mama Betty, his nurturing and cheerful mom. Each episode features their heartwarming tales, where they share valuable life lessons that resonate with families.

Lessons for Hearts of All Ages:

Whether it’s about helping around the house, appreciating friendship, or persevering through challenges, “Cowmustahan!” tackles diverse themes with a smile-inducing touch.

Birch Tree Fortified Choco

Birch Tree Fortified Choco complements the series’ positive messages with its delicious taste and nutritional value. Just like the show, it adds a touch of sweetness to life, while also providing essential nutrients for growing children.

Join the “Cowmustahan!” Community:

Follow Birch Tree Fortified Choco on social media for exciting updates on “Cowmustahan!” and be part of a community that cherishes life’s little lessons and the joy of sharing them together.

Embark on a Delicious Journey:

Ready to join Berty and Mama Betty on a heartwarming adventure filled with valuable life lessons? Watch “Cowmustahan!” on YouTube and experience the fun while enjoying a glass of Birch Tree Fortified Choco.




Full YT Playlist
https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlbWnEPrixjOqkBuUvnpcKM_Th DuoRiFr&si=cKh2gmAg4B62tizl
Episode 1 (60s)https://youtu.be/x0sRWE8cPpQ?si=QZKMoWtUHQdgCj4-
Episode 1 (15s v1)https://youtu.be/Vb7Q1f5kCZQ?si=HzYAr0TV8rDjGmdi
Episode 1 (15s v2)https://youtu.be/TE_uYsQpZvo?si=saW6W_ChPKv-AMl3
Episode 1 (6s)https://youtu.be/ITqN9pHlsZo?si=yagC8mhOjHf0sVgZ
Episode 2 (60s)h ttps://youtu.be/xfu4TetKz0Y?si=Svg1clD3R5rBWTD6
Episode 2 (15s)https://youtu.be/b0RDeuDq-cc?si=qDkJT7Fub-WP3mNY
Episode 2 (6s)https://youtu.be/BW3tDoytUHk?si=iwb9uhJJX8uGvrop
Episode 3 (60s)https://youtu.be/42CtLLXQo-o?si=eXG-fPnGcwcQzQ-h
Episode 3 (15s)https://youtu.be/C84oUhTBWEo?si=m83p8jpbhHeQUVyN
Episode 3 (6s)https://youtu.be/0x_1C_wKyk4?si=TjvFt 80j1wFaG_