The Bluebird Of Happiness by Trumpets

The Bluebird Of Happiness by Trumpets

Trumpets is known for family oriented blockbuster musicals that entertains the audience with great musical and dance numbers and at the same time instill values that audiences can take home with them. Trumpets was also the first to include local singers/celebrities as lead roles in their plays.

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With it’s comeback Trumpets decided to go back to the essence of theater, story telling. They believe that it’s about the theater not the artist and that the art in itself will entertain. On it’s 23rd year Trumpets aims to teach the audiences the valuable meaning of true happiness with The Bluebird of Happiness, based on a play Maurice Maeterlinck with book and lyrics by Jaime del Mundo and original music by Rony Fortich.

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The idea of crating a musical for The Bluebird of Happiness came about when Audie Gemora watched this on TV 16 years ago:


The story of the  Bluebird of Happiness  is about two poor children, Mytyl and Tyltyl,  who embark on a magical adventure in search of a mythical creature called the bluebird of happiness. They are accompanied by their dog, their cat, and a candle in human form named “Light” who help them on their journey. Together, they explore wondrous and mysterious lands and meet interesting and enchanted characters in their quest for true happiness.

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They visit “The Land of Memory” where they encounter their long dead grandparents, “The Palace of Night” where nightmares and horrors creep from dark corners, “The Forest” filled with trees who have a grudge against humans, “The Land of Luxury” that holds all kinds of riches and bounty, and “The Land of the Future” where sadness is unknown and “The Graveyard” where they must face their worst fears. Despite of all the places they visit they end up where they started and find that the “Bluebird of Happiness” is right in their own home.

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Having seen the preview a few days ago, I was already sold in to watching the musical. I believe Rony Fortich did an excellent job in creating the music. The cast, specially the kids were able to give justice to his great work. I was also convinced that the Bluebird of Happiness is a great comeback for Trumpets.

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“The Bluebird of Happiness” soars at the Meralco Theater from September 27 to October 20, 2013. For tickets, contact the Trumpets office at 901-4364 or TicketWorld at 891-9999

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