Boeing Boeing, Love At First Flight

Boeing Boeing, Love At First Flight

Last night was my first time to watch a stage play. I’ve been wanting to do this for years but for some reason it didn’t happen. There were a couple of reasons (excuses) why it didn’t materialize. There was time, money, location, my wife’s schedule,  but most of the time it was because I was clueless on which one to watch. Which play is worthy of  baptizing my stage innocence.

There are a lot of them but I decided to cross out plays that are based from stories that I already know, like Aladdin, Peter Pan or Alice in Wonderland and all the other children stories. I also want to skip the heavy, meaty ones. I’m afraid I may not be able to take it or digest it quite well, after all I’m a virgin.  I want something light, something I never heard of or read about.

My wish came true last night. It was unplanned. I was just tagged a long by a blogger friend who happened to have an extra ticket for a play – BOEING BOEING. All I know is that it’s a name of a plane.


It was a simple story about a bachelor who manages to have three gorgeous stewardess as fiancees by taking note of their flight schedules and carefully planning each stop overs for them not to cross paths and create turbulence . Things get complicated when flights get canceled and  a new speedier Boeing jet throws off all of his careful planning.

boeing boeing (13)

I got excited the moment I entered OnStage at Greenbelt 1. Positive vibes were present inside, everyone were all smiles, friendly and accommodating. The excitement increased when we were asked to get inside and take our seats. Heart was beating fast, this is it.

Then the lights went out.

boeing boeing 1

boeing boeing 2

boeing boeing 3

Everyone had a blast!  I caught myself laughing aloud and had to control myself. They all did a splendid job. I was amazed by how the three stewardesses manages to get their accents, memorize all those lines and deliver them convincingly.  They all have this sophisticated, sexy, funny personality that I’m sure you all will enjoy. It was Topper Fabregas’ role that brought all the fun. It was a great mixture or actors and actresses.

I agree with what the press releases says – BOEING BOEING  is  bound to  reintroduce a forgotten contemporary comedy, to a new generation of theatergoers. For a first timer, I highly recommend this one.

BOEING BOEING was my first, and it didn’t hurt. It was like love as first sight, or should I say love at first flight.

boeing boeing (23)
The Cast: L-R: David Bianco, Topper Fabregas, Baby Barredo, Carla Dunareanu, Jen Bianco, Giannina Ocampo, Ms. Joy Virata and Director Miguel Faustmann

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