Bon AppeTEA

Bon AppeTEA

The milk tea craze certainly continues to hit the Philippines. And with such a popular product, continued innovation is a must. This is where newly opened Bon AppeTEA excels with its luscious milk tea products.

Barely a month after owner Mr. Tom Pestano started its humble milk tea express bar in the ground floor of Strata 2000 building in Ortigas, Bon AppeTEA has already gained a big market following for its attractive orange stall and interestingly-named beverage concoctions.  The name is a play of words combining ‘bon appetite’ which means ‘good appetite,’ and its main product –  the Milk TEA.’

New Generation Milk Teas

The menu groups the teas according to product and purpose. Led by the 12 flavors of Milk Teas, you would see mixtures of Jasmin Green Teas named as Rainforest Passion, Peachsicle, Morocco Nights, Heavenly Blush and Blossom Dreams.

I’m not a fan of Jasmine tea because of it’s flowery taste, but their mixtures were just right to bring make out that awesome tea taste.

On the other hand, you can also try the stronger Assam Black Tea variants like the Nirvana, Himalaya, Kathmandu, Ambrosia, Mélange, Crème Brule, and Purple Royale.  I loved each of the variant because I am a big fan of Assam Black Tea and my favorite is the Ambrosia. It has a strong tea taste even if sweetness is at 100%.

Medium sizes at 16oz are only at the P60-P70 range while the large size at 22oz is only P70-P80.


Of course, milk teas are not complete without the chewy Tapioca Pearls (sago) we all love. Customers also have the option to add extra toppers that sink like Nata de Coco, sweet Puddings, heavenly Aloes, and soft Jellies such as Brown Sugar Jelly, Mesona Jelly, and Konjak Jelly for only P10 each. One can have the drink iced or ice blended, as well.


Aside from milk tea drinks, Bon AppeTEA also offers a gamut of other delectable fruity or yogurt flavored bobba drinks. It’s called Fruit Teas and Yogurt Teas, respectively.

Moreover, they also have upcoming new teas for figure-conscious individuals called VitaliTEA and for the health-buffs – Herbal TEAs.

If you for looking for something refreshing with a kick, you may dare try the ‘NaughTEAs‘ such as ‘TEAquila Sunrise’ and ‘Long Island Iced Tea’. These are alcohol-infused tea drinks care of the tequila jellies immersed in Ceylon tea. It is also mixed with grenadine and vodka for some concoctions.

The ‘NaughTEAs‘ has been a hit to the call-center industry segment of the Ortigas market since the teas can be easily brought back to their offices and the express bar is open 24hrs.  It’s an easy way to sneak in alcoholic drinks at work (wink-wink).  The alcohol is actually in the jelly and it’s really not noticeable because the alcohol content very minimal. It still tastes like pure tea.

Sweet Services

Bon AppeTEA is open 24 hrs from Monday to Friday and upto 5pm on Saturdays (closed on Sundays). It also offers free delivery in the Ortigas Center area for a minimum order of P200 through their hotline 4072788.

Aside from the skillful and friendly staff, the Bon AppeTEA crew can also customize your drink’s level of sweetness. Simply inform them of your preferred level of Fruit Sugar in the following codes:

No Sugar – 0%
Slightly Sweet – 20%
Half Sweet – 50%
Fairly Sweet – 70%
Normal – 100%
Very Sweet – 120%

Succeeding Branches

With the success of the first Bon AppeTEA Express Bar, they are quickly expanding with a second branch to be situated in Better Living in Paranaque – this time with a dine-in setup to accommodate more customers. It shall open on September 27, 2011.

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