Brooklyn’s Pizza started at a bazaar before opening it’s first branch in 2003 at BF Home Paranaque. In 2013 they have undergone a make over giving it more color, additional flavors, and an elephant with wings.

Brooklyns Pizza

The new look is a lot better if you ask me, the old photos of the Brooklyn bridge were removed and replaced with wonderful elephant artworks. The elephants represent a “huge” part in the history of the Brooklyn bridge, no one would’ve crossed that bridge after it was built if not for them, and I wouldn’t have tasted Brooklyn pizza if it wasn’t for Brooklyn’s.

The look may have changed, but the taste didn’t. In fact, it got better by adding a variety of flavors in to the menu including meals for the pinoy palette. Among the meals they added was”The Patriot” which comes with 3 types of longganisa, tapa, eggs, garlic rice and atchara. Another new on their list is the Squash Soup, it’s not a powdered mix, or canned, it’s freshly made from real squash.

Brooklyn's Pizza 3The Buffalo wings, it isn’t new but still worth mentioning. It may not be as spicy as expected but when dunked into its special ranch dip, it compliments and giving it a better taste.

Brooklyn's Pizza 4

I’ve never been to Brooklyn, but these pizza flavors are the closest I can get to experience it, starting with their best seller, the Deluxe Pizza. It comes with pepperoni, Italian toppings, ham, bacon, mushroom, black olives, bell pepper & onions.

Brooklyn's Pizza 8

For those who aren’t in to meat, there’s the Vegetarian Pizza and the White Pizza. The Vegetarian pizza comes with everything the deluxe pizza has except for the meat. While the White Pizza is a combination of ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese.

Brooklyn's Pizza 6

Brooklyn's Pizza 5

Brooklyn’s new look is keeping up with the competition, Its design and logo is giving diners a something to recall, but I believe that the best way to get remembered is through taste and experience.

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