Burger King Chicken Crisp Fillet Sandwich

Burger King Chicken Crisp Fillet Sandwich

Burger King has finally joined the chicken burger craze and has some FILLET-vorful tricks up its sleeves. The Burger King Chicken Crisp Fillet Sandwich is quite a long name for a sandwich, I’m sure you’ll be able to consume it before it you can even finish spelling it.

It comes in two “FILET-Vorful” (fileyyy-vor-ful) variant, the sweet and tangy honey mustard or zesty garlic mayo with real garlic bits.

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Burger King may be new with chicken burgers, but they have been in the burger business for almost 60 years. They created the  Chicken Crisp Fillet Sandwich applying the Burger King quality that they have been known for. It’s simply having it your way.

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“They are hand-pressed, breaded and immediately deep-fried to crispy, juicy perfection. Burger King uses only transfat-free oil to create that crispy coating and make sure that all the juiciness of the chicken is locked inside” So good it made Mang Donald and Kaye Ef C sing their hearts out in jealousy.

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The Burger King Chicken Crisp Fillet Sandwich is at P55, or get it with regular fries and regular Coke for P85, or with regular fries and float for P100.

Available in all Burger King stores in Metro Manila or call the Burger King Delivery hotline at 667-7171.

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