Calligaris Showroom Opens at Bonifacio Global City

Calligaris, an Italian furniture brand that was made famous by it’s timeless design and the comfort it gives to its owners.The history of Calligaris dates back to 1923, with the production of the “Marocca” chair, distinctive for its sturdy wooden frame, hand-woven rush seat, and slightly curved legs.


The opening of its showroom was attended by Florence Ko, Managing Director of Gruppo Mobili Philippines, Inc., the distributor of Calligaris in the Philippines, and Alessandro Calligaris, company chairman and member of the family’s third generation.


We’re very excited with the launch of Calligaris’ new home and showroom at BGC,” says Florence Ko, “Calligaris is a global Italian brand known for its stylish modern aesthetic, quality craftsmanship, and smart design. Calligaris is perfect for young, upwardly mobile professionals looking to furnish their condos or houses with designer furniture at reasonable price points.”

I was fortunate enough get to walk inside and marvel at Calligaris collection in their showroom at Bonifacio Global City. It was like walking inside a modern art gallery. Every piece is well thought of and meticulously crafted to perfection. There’s a design for each taste and personality, I honestly would have bought them all because I sometimes I feel like I have multiple personalities. If only I have the money and enough space at home.




While looking around, I remember the first line from a Shirley Bassey song, “A chair is still a chair, even when no one’s sittin’ there…”  But chairs inside Calligaris showroom, it isn’t just a chair, it’s an art. So if you find no one sitting there, it’s probably because they want to preserve the art.




I love how they combine the colors in each piece and each curve and line tells a lot about its personality. You don’t need to have a background in the arts to appreciate it, it’s just beautiful.

Inside the showroom I also found something better than a bed of roses. Sorry Bon Jovi, but I know you will agree with me that these beds are better than what you sang about. You might want to re-write it as – “I wanna lay you down in a bed from Calligaris…


I might have trouble sleeping in these beds because I will be worrying about messing up the sheets. I forsee a habit of taking a selfie before sleeping and share it, then I probably would just try to stay still when sleeping to avoid messing it up.


The comfort that the bed gives also reflects in the sofas displayed. From the fabric and the soft cushion, to the science and ergonometric quality of the sofas. Each time you seat on the sofa, you’ll be glued to it. All the decorations you see in the photo, the vases, jars, and lamps are also from Calligaris.



Based in Manzano, Calligaris is distributed in 90 countries but maintains its Italian heritage at its core, with its designs proudly stemming from the analysis of form and function, using combinations of materials, experimentation, and continuous innovation. Whether for an expansive home or a city condominium with space constraints, the Calligaris brand offers products suitable for every corner of the house — from dining and living room to bedroom, kitchen, and home office.

Owning a Calligaris is like owning a piece of art. Visit their showroom at Mezzanine floor, Clipp Center, 11th Avenue corner 39th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For inquiries, you may call (02) 8691059-61 or email

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