A Better Way of Getting Rid of Cockroaches – Captain Zero

A Better Way of Getting Rid of Cockroaches – Captain Zero

After the long wait, the true identity has been revealed. None of us got it right, I thought it was an energy drink or a supplement but it was far from what I perceived it to be. Who would have though that Captain Zero has something to do with household cleaning.

Captain ZERO is a product of WINZO International Corporation who aims to provide affordable and safe cockroach bait/killer. The formulation is a combination of very low toxic compounds while the main active ingredient is called Trihydroxyborane. There are no toxic and harmful smell present.

We all know that cockroaches carry germs, bacteria  & diseases that cause serious health problems but it doesn’t help that we hazardous chemicals to get rid of them. You can’t fight fire with fire, call a fireman. In this case, call Captain Zero.

Captain ZERO is an innovative product because it is the first cockroach bait in liquid paste form. Moreover, is the first Filipino-made cockroach bait. It is also budget friendly at only Php 15 per 10 gram sachet compared to other expensive brands in the market today,” shares Mr. Winston Tongco, President, Winzo International Corporation

Leveraging on the advocacy of “Cleanliness at Home”, the media event’s special guests included Ms. Lourdes “Des” Labii, a registered nurse and a former hemodialysis nurse at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute. Ms. Labii talked about the importance of cleanliness at home and shared some of her experiences as a medical professional, a food entrepreneur, and as a mother. “A clean home means a healthy family as bacteria and germs brought about by dust and pest such as cockroaches and rats can carry diseases through contaminated food, kitchen counters, and utensils,” shares Ms. Labii from a medical professional perspective.

Captain Zero Cockroach Bait is so easy to use.

Some reports have indicated that a sachet can kill as much as 18 roaches and last for as much as 15 days (2 weeks) depending on the density of bugs in the area. Although the active ingredients are low toxic to humans and animals, it is still best to keep it away from children and house pets. If it is accidentally applied on the skin or eyes, simply remove it by washing the area thoroughly.

Captain Zero Cockroach Bait is now available in individual 10g sachets in most sari-sari stores around the Philippines. It will also be on the shelves of all Puregold Supermarkets nationwide, in packs of 10s and boxes of 20s, starting January 2017!

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