The Cartoon Network Toon Machine

The Cartoon Network Toon Machine

Feel the excitement, experience the fun, and bring home lots of toys from the Cartoon Network Toon Machine. Cartoon Network sure knows how to make kids happy this Christmas because it’s FREE! No purchase necessary, just register at the Toon Machine booth at SM Mall of Asia Music Hall and hope that your name gets picked. You get to control the machine and your parents are the claw!

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While waiting you can play games in booths around the Music Hall and instantly win prizes from PLDT, Alaska, Cartoon Network, Toy Kingdom, and many more. SM Mall of Asia Music Hall is filled with fun games to play, prizes to win, and bond with your favorite Cartoon Network buddies.

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Cartoon Network-24

I was able to be the claw myself and I felt that I was on a mission to get as much as I can to make my kids and “inaanaks” happier this Christmas.

Cartoon Network-1That day I took home two Chima Lego boxes, one Bratz doll set, a bag full of goodies, a Headbanz box set, and a few smaller items. This dad was better at “craning” than me, he was able to capture lots of toys and a huge Jake plushy.

Cartoon Network-13

Head on over to SM Mall of Asia Music Hall on Dec 22-23 for a chance to try out our biggest present yet, the TOON MACHINE! It’s absolutely FREE!

Thanks Az for my Mission Impossible Photo

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