Mesa: Filipino Moderne at O Square Greenhills

Filipino food is getting a lot of attention from the global community lately. It’s been featured in popular international lifestyle shows and write ups which was usually dominated by Chinese and Japanese food. Although I believe that it may have been a little late, I’m still glad that our dishes has captured the heart (and taste buds) of popular foodies including the late Anthony Bourdain. In celebration of our global achievement, I’ll be featuring one of my favorite Filipino restaurant – Mesa.

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Reserve a Seat and Get Discounts with Eatigo

For most friends or squads, eating out is our way of catching up, bonding, or just celebrating a momentous occasion; but the question of “Where should we eat?” is one of life’s happiest struggles. It hurts even more if the place we decided to eat to is packed or requires reservation. Saklap di ba?

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