Brewing, Pairing, and Understanding Coffee at Starbucks Coffee College

If school was like Starbucks Philippines Coffee College, I’d go back and attend classes everyday. Imagine a 4-course meal for coffee and food pairing each class. Who needs recess right? Starbucks Philippines Coffee College is about familiarization of  unique nuances of coffee and how it brings out the flavors in savory dishes. I didn’t know coffee can be paired with steak, or chicken, or salad. I’m used to having coffee with cakes and pastries.

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Survive The Last-Minute Christmas Shopping at Starbucks

Christmas is the most highly anticipated season of the year. Excitement starts as early as September and it gets more intense when the 100 day countdown begins wherein you get reminded nightly at the end of the evening news. Actually, you see you’ll see the countdown almost everywhere – malls, restaurants, and other establishments.

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