Catering by Claudia

Romulo Food Group celebrates the 69th anniversary of the United Nations by treating our palettes through a ten-station grand buffet at the Romulo Lounge. The food served were just a taste of what Catering by Claudia has to offer. Catering by Claudia’s, the official catering arm of the Romulo Food Group (the pioneer business of husband-and-wife tandem, Enzo Squillantini and Sandie Romulo-Squillantini).

Catering by Claudia

Catering by Claudia offers signature dishes by the Romulo Food Group, inherited through three generations of heirloom recipes and traditions, the Romulo cuisine is inspired by rich historical significance. Among their chain of restaurants, I had a chance to  visit the famous Romulo Cafe, one was at Quezon City and the other one was at Azumi Boutique Hotel.

Catering by Claudia demonstrated its gastronomic expertise with distinctive recipes passed on through generations and new recipes that adds excitement in your plates, like the Balut Pate’(left) a duck egg’s yolk sauteed in aromatics. On the same plate lies  Relleno de Pollo con Tostadas(right), a family heirloom recipe of Chicken Ballottine mixed with spices, aromatics and placed on buttered tostadas.

Catering by Claudia 9

Catering by Claudia 8

My favorite among the starters is the Sweet and Spicy Dilis and pickled Daikon on Lettuce Gondola. Those are anchovies paired with radish ribbons and served on a romaine lettuce boat.

Catering by Claudia 6

Roast Calabaza and Carrot Soup, a combination of our squash with carrots to deepen the color. The addition of cumin spice creates a musky, earthy flavor while the crostini compliments it with a different texture.

Catering by Claudia 5

Roast Chicken with Sundried Tomatoes and Basil Pesto Sauce. Whole chicken roasted with special aromatics and served with sundried tomatoes and blended basil and olive oil.

Catering by Claudia 10

Poached Salmon with a Yogurt and Dill Sauce. Fresh salmon ballotines poached with mirepoix and wine then served with dill scented yogurt.

Catering by Claudia 4

U.S. Angus Beef Brisket with BBQ Sauce. No description neeed.

Catering by Claudia 1

The Romulo Food Group is a culmination of ideas passed from generations with diversity in cuisines – Filipino, Sapanish, French, Japanese, and fusions. focusing on local ingredient

To name a few of its Japanese cuisine, here are some rolls by Claudia – Smoked Bangus roll and Hiroshima, California Maki, Hiroshima, Temaki Rolls, Tuna Sashimi, Salmon Sashimi.

Catering by Claudia 11

Catering by Claudia 7

Catering by Claudia 3

Catering by Claudia can cater to any budget and theme and it is sure to give your guests a very memorable dining experience, and for the hosts, it’ll something to be proud of.

A peek of the dining area

Mobile: +632 970 0429
Instagram:@cateringbyclaudia #cateringbyClaudia

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