Chef’s Classics Joins Shopee’s 10.10 Brand Festival

Chef’s Classics Joins Shopee’s 10.10 Brand Festival

Our favorite kitchen buddy is joining Shopee’s Big Brand Giveaways at Shopee’s 10.10 Brand Festival! We are a big fan of Chef’s Classics, they have been a part of our daily cooking and festive celebration during special occasions.

Chef’s Classics Shopee page has over 600 products listed and I’ve already added more than 20 on my cart. I just wish I have the money and the courage to check out. If you’re likely stuck in the same situation, join the big brand giveaways from Chef’s Classics on October 3 or you can wait until October 5 to get up to 48% off from their Work From Home Fair!

Here are some items you may want to check out.

Celebrating 30 years of the biggest department store and supermarket in Negros Oriental, Chef’s Classics commemorates Lee Plaza’s anniversary with a special edition frypan.

It has a 3-layer Teflon non-stick, an Ergonomic riveted bakelite handles for extra durability and high heat resistance, and a Honeycomb design induction bottom.

A good starter set for any kind of modern kitchen, the Sunflower cookware series will provide the right pot or pan for just about any type of dish you have in mind.

Each piece boasts of fully welded stainless-steel knobs and handles and a durable three-layer thermic induction bottom.

The Chef’s Classics Carbon Fiber series are non-reactive non-stick cookware that marries the benefits of aluminum and non-stick. When well taken care of, the Carbon Fiber series will stay with you for years.

Slow cook meats, cook bigger batches of soups and stocks, boil water, or deep fry—there’s nothing you can’t do with a versatile casserole like this!

Chef’s Classics can last years and can even be passed on to generations when well taken care of. It’s. a great investment especially if you love cooking, these pots and pans won’t let you down. Even if you can’t cook at least you can cook, in style.

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