Choco Mucho “I Want You So Bad” Promo

Choco Mucho “I Want You So Bad” Promo

Bite into the crunchy wafer goodness of Choco Mucho topped with caramel, rice crispies and coated with rich chocolate. Every pack comes with 10% more chocolate pleasure and is available in the following flavors:

White Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate

TRY the latest Choco Mucho flavor! Cookies and Cream. Enjoy chocolate crispies on white chocolate with a rich cookie center. Give in to this new chocolate pleasure!

Choco Mucho is giving away limited edition Choco Mucho Cookies & Cream pillows and Choco Mucho gift packs for the lucky winners of the “I Want You So Bad” promo.

Participants would simply submit a photo of themselves showing how bad they want a Choco Mucho. For more information, visit the promo at or visit and like their Facebook page

Submission of entries: Sept 7 – Oct 12, 2012
Judging of entries: Oct 19, 2012
Announcement of winners: Oct 26, 2012

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