Chug A Chooga Juice

Chug A Chooga Juice

Pay For The Juice Not The Bottle. Good point, most refreshments has great packaging but you are actually paying for it too. You wanted to buy a drink to quench your thirst but you have to pay for everything that comes with it.

Chooga Juice keeps it simple. You pay for the juice, period.

You see what you drink. you don’t need to guess if you have drank it all, just like what you do when drinking from tetra packs. What’s worse is that if the cashier or the sales lady forgot to include the straw in the shopping bag. It’s even cheaper than bottled water with an SRP of P9.00 only.

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It comes on five flavors – Orange, Pineapple, Pomelo, Mango and the very unique fruit juice flavor the Sweet Tamarind. The Wise Pack is a Filipino patented invention that will change the way drinks will be served in the future.  With all this Nature Conscious programs by huge company’s, the Wise Pack by Chooga Juice is way ahead of them.

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In partnership with Envirotech, Refreshment Republic, Inc, makers or Chooga Juice, produces the Wise Chair. Made from plastic, these wonderful chairs will be donated to schools to support education. It cares for the future, the future belongs to nature and the children. Chug a Chooga Juice and help save the future.

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