Change Is Good, But Changing For The Better Is Best

Change Is Good, But Changing For The Better Is Best

It’s now the time of the year when I usually look back, wonder and asses  my life. What I have achieved this year and what needs a little more push to accomplish since we’re already nearing the end of the year.

For myself, I have become a healthier person thru eating right and run at least once a week. I’ve also added another supplement to my daily intake – Circulan. For my family I have found myself a better job, a job where I can achieve our long term goals and make dreams come true.

I have been happy with my past work. It has helped me provide for my family need – food, clothing, shelter (rent), education and all the basics. But it has been too comfortable for me I forgot that we have a long term goal, a dream of having our own home. I was so much at home with work it has become a comfort zone. A place I don’t want to let go. This year  I learned that, letting go of something good, opens doors to something better and probably the best I’ll ever have.

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The same goes with health, you have to let go of the good things, like crispy pata, lechon and all other delicious cholesterol that comes our way. It is not easy to let go, but you can get help. I found help with my new supplement , Circulan. It not only help get better blood circulation, it also made me more conscious of what I do and what I eat. I believe that if you are taking vitamins or any supplements, it makes you more conscious of what or why are you taking it in the first place.

In my life, working with my new job make me more conscious and focused on my goals. Don’t let it our of your sight, nasa dugo lang yan!


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