City Garden Grand Hotel Opens Spice Cafe

I have not visited a hotel buffet in a while and City Garden Grand Hotel in Makati is the perfect ice breaker. City Garden Grand Hotel reminded me of what I missed in hotels, great food, and a world-class dining experience. Spice Cafe is City Garden Grand Hotel’s restaurant. It offers a wide variety of international dishes in its buffet and more on the menu.


Spice Cafe can host 80-100 guests and since its situated at the 8th floor, it has a nice view of Makati. The restaurant has a Filipino feel with its capiz chandeliers and narra tree back drafts on the walls. Before I go into what’s in the buffet, I’ll show you some dishes only found in the menu.


I’ll begin with introducing Salmon Steak, a pan roasted salmon steak with arugula leaves, mashed potato, and dill butter sauce. The serving is actually big, it was a very generous serving of salmon cooked perfectly. I love everything in it, even the carrots, no wonder why it’s their best seller.


I have never tried Eggs Benedict before and it was my first time tasting having one. I believe I made a mistake in eating my first Eggs Benedict at City Garden Grand Hotel because it has given me a high expectation on how it should taste.


The American Breakfast comes with slices of toasted bread, croissant, freshly made sausages, and scrambled egg. It is served with a plate of fresh fruits for the needed color and energy to start your day.

city-garden-hotel-05Then there’s the favorite Filipino Breakfast which is beef tapa, fried rice, and egg, served with pickled vegetables. It’s an upscale version of the tapsilog.

city-garden-hotel-09 If these are too heavy for you, there’s the Sicilian Salad. A mixture of arugula, lollo rosso, romaine, iceberg lettuce with red apples, cherry tomatoes, mandarin orange, candied walnuts, and dressing.

city-garden-hotel-08For dessert don’t miss out on the Strawberry Cheese Cake.What’s not to love about it, you have strawberry, chocolate, pistachios. Just order one and thank me later.

city-garden-hotel-07 These are just a few of the dishes in the menu and there are more dishes you can choose from. If you can’t decide which to order, just go straight to the buffet and grab whichever you like because they are all delicious. Here are some of them:

Congee, I can never get enough of congee. The toppings make it more irresistible, I just need to add a lot of ground pepper or dried chili flakes, because I want my congee spicy.


Beef Noodles, best consumed while it’s hot.You can choose whatever you want to add in your bowl. In my bowl, I had beef and chicken, but the soup is beef based. I will still add ground pepper and.or dried chili flakes in my bowl, because it would not look as enticing asit already is if I add them before taking a photo.


It is currently the pizza with the most unique color I have ever seen, thanks to the purple cabbage. You can’t go wrong with pizza, no matter what flavor or variant it is. It’s still a winner for me.


Ladies and gentlemen, the buffet is now open.






city-garden-hotel-14 Whether you choose the buffet or order ala carte, it’s still a good choice. If you want to be different or you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, then I suggest you choose from the menu because there’s more dishes to choose from than in the buffet. City Garden Grand Hotel’s Spice Cafe impresses me both on taste and on design. Just less than a month in operation and they have given a good first impression. I’m looking forward to what they have in store for us in the future.

Find out why you’re next staycation should be at City Garden Grand Hotel in my next post!

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