City Kart Racing’s Race To Boracay

How fast can you drive… in EDSA? Not much right? Well, actually any road in Metro Manila prohibits you from getting that additional kph to save time, gas, and patience; and most of the time we find ourselves revving up every time we find an opportunity. Good thing we are all disciplined enough to know that public roads are not the right venue to test our car’s horsepower, right?

city kart racing

If you are itching to step on the pedal and craving for speed to pump up your adrenaline, there’s a better venue for that – City Kart Racing. City Kart Racing’s 700-meter kart track combines straights and technical turns for the driving pleasure of both beginners and advanced drivers.

About a week ago I was invited by my PR friend to cover the launch of City Kart Racing’s “Race To Boracay“. I readily obliged because have not been to Circuit Makati, and I think it’s about time I pay it a visit. I like the scenery around Circuit Makati, it has huge cranes and constructions happening all over, and I took some photos.

2014-10-08 18.02.43-1

City Kart Racing is beside the football area and upon entering you’ll be greeted by a champion kart that’s on display. As expected, the place is surrounded by the color red, and black and white checkered. The place is spacious with a perfectly cool temperature. Inside is a restobar and a place to sit, talk and brag about your best lap.

City Kart Racing (9)

Before the event started I took some time to take photos of the participants warming up to familiarize themselves with the track and it got me excited.

City Kart 3

City Kart 2

After a few minutes, it was our turn to do our rounds. First they ask you for your size for your racing suit, then the color of the mask you want, then you choose your helmet. Wearing the suit was quite a challenge, I had to take off my shoes and do a bit fo stretching too. The size I got was just right. but I feel like I was being mummified. As long as I don’t end up injured, that’s fine with me.

City Kart 4

We had a quick briefing before we start, emphasizing on safety and the rules. I now understand what the yellow or blue flag is for, how to hold the steering wheel properly, and other safety guidelines. Then we ride.

After a few laps, we went back in the bar for the announcement of City Kart Racing’s first major project for the year, “Race to Boracay”.

City Kart 5
Jean-Marc Freihuber, owner City Kart Racing

The City Kart Racing “Race To Boracay” will be the biggest Karting Tournament ever organized in the country. The race will have two classes – Juniors (13 to 17 years old) and Adults (18 years old and above). The winner of each class gets a 3-day-2-night hotel certificate and round trip airfare for two to the paradise of Boracay. Special treats are also in store for the two runners up. Other drivers will get a chance to win goodies in the raffle.

There will three stages of the competition.

  • Qualifying Round (October 23 – November 14– each participant will be given five chances to come up with their best lap time using karts fitted with soft compound tires. Top 200 enters the next stage.(any day except Saturday and Sunday afternoon)
  • Pre Finale (November 22) – racers will compete to be included to be in the top 50, then the final 10.
  • Finals (November 23) – participants will race t win.

Entry fee is only P3,900, which includes five qualifying rounds. If you register before October 17, you get one free practice run.


  • The official timing system of City kart Racing will be the ONLY TIMING for the entire Event.
  • The Kart number for the drivers will always be assigned after lucky draw.
  • Each drivers will only have 5 Qualifying Sessions.
  • Each session will have to be printed, signed by the driver and filed by Organizer. A clerk signature will certify the Best Lap time of the driver.
  • The Organizer will qualify the top 200, top 50 and top 10 out the best lap of the Qualifying, Pre-finales and Finales for the next level of competition.
  • The Grand Finale will be a 20 Laps race. The winner is the first to accomplish the 20 laps. Race will start in a grid position.
  • Grid will be according to the best lap time during the Finale. Kart numbers to be a lucky draw.

After the announcement, we head back to the race for a competition, it’s going to be an endurance race. We have one hour to race and the team that has the most lap, and in the fastest time wins the race. We were divided in to six teams with three members each. As a first timer I got really nervous. Luckily, we have James Deakin on our team (voted as team leader). Each member has to be in the kart at least twice, with a minimum of two laps each. Being the slowest, I was the first to go.

james deakin

City Kart 6

City Kart Racing 7

City Kart Racing is also equipped with the latest in technology. Each kart is equipped with a microchip(same as what you have with your running kits) that automatically sends the signal to a computer each time you reach finish/starting line. The computer is also connected to a large TV that displays your result at the restobar and also on your Facebook account. They have an app where you can check out an ongoing race, and keep track of your rankings and development.

City Kart Racing Mobile App

City Kart Racing 8
My ranking among my facebook friends who has tried City Kart Racing

Before City Kart Racing, I was already satisfied with “bump cars” at amusement parks, or playing Gran Turismo on PlayStation and GT Racing on my phone. Now I know how it really feels like to race without the fear of getting caught by a traffic enforcer. I now feel the need for speed.

So  what are you waiting for, be part of the biggest Karting Tournament ever organized in the country and find out who is the fastest!

City Kart Racing’s Race to Boracay is supported by,, C! Magazine, and

CKR is open from Monday to Thursday, 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm. And Friday to Sunday, 10:00 am to 12:00 midnight. It is located at Circuit Makati, Barangay Carmona, Makati. Reservation a must. For more information, call (0917) 4551060 or log on to

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