Coca-Cola, Red Cross, and Habitat for Humanity Joins Together to #RebuildPH

Coca-Cola, Red Cross, and Habitat for Humanity Joins Together to #RebuildPH

Coca-Cola Philippines, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), and Habitat for Humanity knows that there are still a lot of work to be done, families to shelter, hearts to feed, and hopes to fill.   Coca-Cola, Red Cross, and Habitat for Humanity teamed-up to #RebuildPH, a volunteer round-up and donation drive towards Yolanda-recovery. Coca-Cola has been helping raise awareness and public participation in the rebuild efforts, while Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity serve as recipients of monetary and in-kind donations culled in the process.


The team up aims to raise money for sustainable rebuild program and community rehabilitation such as rebuilding schools, water systems and infrastructure, and assist small independent customers with reconstruction of their businesses throughout the year.

If there is one lesson learnt from Typhoon Yolanda – is that no act is too small. Rebuilding rests in the hands of every one of us, not merely a few. This is what our campaign RebuildPH is all about, and we hope that through this campaign by Coca-Cola, Habitat for Humanity Philippines and the Philippines Red Cross, the Filipino people and the global community will continue to be inspired to volunteer and donate. We have a long way to go and a lot still needs to be done,” says Guillermo Aponte, General Manager of Coca-Cola Philippines.

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Our partnership with Coca-Cola Philippines has enabled both parties to act fast and send relief after the typhoon struck. With water and other goods ready since September, all we had to act on was logistics,” said Red Cross Chairman Dick Gordon.

At present, Habitat for Humanity is targeting to build 30,000 core houses and distribute 30,000 shelter repair kits for Yolanda victims. We want to achieve this in the next three years but it would take an estimated P6-billion for the construction of the core houses alone. We thank Coca-Cola Philippines for taking this endeavour with us, because we certainly won’t be able to do it alone,” says Charlie Ayco, CEO and Managing Director of Habitat for Humanity.

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Gordon, along with Ayco and Guillermo Aponte, President and General Manager of Coca-Cola Philippines, led the RebuildPH volunteer round-up at Araneta Center last January 30. There was bloodletting, volunteering and shift signups, and acceptance of monetary donations. Present at the event were Coca-Cola ambassadors Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Montes, Enchong Dee, and Joseph Marco, together with the 2014 Binibining Pilipinas candidates.

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