For Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, Color is Key

For Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, Color is Key

With students anticipating summer with the coming school break, if not already trooping to their respective adventure destinations, Converse matches their lifestyle for the season with its collection for Spring that comes in a multitude of colors—from single to triple to tie-dye tones—and caters to a kaleidoscope of personalities.

Chuch Taylor All Star 2

Our designers were free to explore the whole spectrum of colors available to human mind and craftsmanship,” explains Kate Oliva, Marketing and Advertising Manager of Converse Philippines. “This is especially apt since Spring is the time when nature itself unfolds its colors gloriously. And while spring season elsewhere is the height of Philippine summer, the effect is essentially the same: an explosion of colors reflecting excitement and the mood for new adventures and possibilities.

In exhausting fresh design possibilities, Converse boosts its existing Chuck Taylor All Star lines with shots of dramatic colors, surprising patterns and new silhouettes. Every sneaker is a marriage of premium material and a new way of execution, which produces a particular look that matches a certain preference, mood and taste as a nod to a personal sense of individuality.

Chuch Taylor All Star 1

Those who want to keep it classic and simple may choose Chuck Taylor All Star ‘70s with its six core colors of Sunflower, Black, Heritage Blue, Parchment, Crimson and True Navy. Produced in both high-top and low-top silhouettes, the sneaker comes with reinforced double-layered canvas upper and comfort sock liner, combining strength and ease. It’s the Converse sneaker that readily gives a streak of street-smarts to the wearer.

Chuck Taylor All Star '70 Black
Chuck Taylor All Star ‘70s

Channeling the ‘60s Power Flower without the psychedelia, Chuck Taylor All Star Tie-Dye is for the artistic, non-conformist type who don’t see the world in black and white. In high-top and low-top styles, the sneaker comes in marbleized tie-dye colors—a perfect fit for those music festivals and art exhibits. Various tones are mixed to create surprising combinations, including Eglantine and White, Dozer Blue with Ensign Blue and Puritan Gray, Graphite with Old Silver and Oyster Gray and Red with Radio Blue and Black.

Chuck Taylor All Star Tri-Panel, on the other hand, is for the modern urban dwellers who love symmetry, geometry and blocks of color. Also in high-top and low-top styles, the sneaker features a heavier ballistic canvas and leather toecap, making it street-proof from the many obstacles of the city. The trifecta of colors include Charcoal with Old Silver and Black, Dozar Blue with Radio Blue and Smalt Blue, White with Charcoal and Black, Bokhara with Gooseberry and Red.

Chuch Taylor All Star Platform Plus  Puritan Gray_Nightshade
Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Plus

For the ladies, there is the Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Plus which combines a feminine touch of eye-popping colors and a sporty silhouette. Featuring over two inches of concealed wedge, the sneaker gives the wearer instant elevation and her feet a dramatic burst of color. It’s for someone who wants to be seen and heard, not for the faint of heart. The sneaker comes in Diva Pink, Black/Diva Pink, Nightshade, Puritan Gray/Nightshade, Palmgreen/Citronelle and White/Mesange.

With its signature look and street cred, you know it’s a Converse sneaker even from afar,” says Kate. “While we stay true to our design heritage, we constantly update our lines to reflect the rebellious spirit of the brand, challenging ourselves to come up with sneakers that make you live louder. Our Spring 2014 collection, with its zest for life, discovery and color, is proof of that.

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