Walking in the Rain with my Converse Rubber Chucks

Walking in the Rain with my Converse Rubber Chucks

One of the things that I love to do most is walking in the rain. Whenever I get the chance, I walk out of the house in my shorts and slippers and an umbrella and just stroll around the community. What I don’t like about walking in the rain is wearing a pair of shoes, becaus no matter what shoes I wear, water penetrates. My feet gets soaked in rain/flood and there a big chance that the shoes’ lifespan shortens. I really hate it especially if it’s my favorite pair.


I’ve not seen or bought any waterproof shoes yet because they’re usually not cool. I was already introduced to Converse’s Chuck Taylor’s All Star Rubber sneaker a year ago. It was featured on my Converse 2014 Fall Collection post. That time they had Black, Turtledove, Timber, and Navy. I just forgot about it. Then I saw their 2015 collection.


It looks awesome, right? This time it comes in Converse Black, Gloom Green, Thunder Grey and Casino Red. What I got is the Thunder Grey color. I would have gotten the casino red, but I wouldn’t be able to wear it at the office just like I am doing now. Pardon my huge feet. You know what they say about men with big feet, yeah big shoes(size 12 US).




The Converse Rubber Chucks has a full rubberized upper that helps to repel water, waxed laces to keep it water tight, and a gusseted tongue to provide protection from getting wet. It also has an inner French Terry lining that keeps the feet warm. Now I’m doubly happy when it rains, because I now have a pair of shoes I can wear and not get my feet wet.


Providing total comfort without sacrificing style, I can weather the storm with the Converse Rubber Chucks. Now I just need to get me one of those waterproof pants.

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