Creative Space

Creative Space

I just wanted to share the testimonial I have given to my son’s school.  You can also check their multiply site here.

Creative Space was not in our list of schools for our son Benedict. We were thinking of enrolling him in a normal academic school. It just so happened that we were strolling along Pasig when we saw a building with painted glass doors, decorated with different colors, shapes and lines. On the door, the name Creative Space is painted on. We looked up and saw their banner displaying the school’s name, their contact information and pictures of kids having fun.

As we entered the building, we were greeted by an unfamiliar scent complimented by classical music. We started wondering if this really was a school. Our doubts were erased when we were welcomed by a nice lady who introduced herself as Teacher Auchee. She gave a brief background about what the school offers. I heard words like health, organics, progressive learning, science-based and a few more. I wasn’t able to pay attention to what the teacher was saying because the term budget was blocking my listening comprehension.

We were toured around the building. We saw classrooms but only one has a blackboard. We saw stools and not chairs. A library filled with colorful books. There is a kitchen in the third floor area and a laboratory at the ground floor. She demonstrated how they do experiments during class. She showed us how digestion works. Ben was amazed with what he saw. His eyes were filled with excitement!

When we got home, we were torn between our budget and our son’s interest. We thought Ben will just forget the school by tomorrow. But he never did. We decided to give the school a try for a school year to make Ben happy. During his first few weeks, we noticed that he was always excited to go to school and felt happy every time he goes home. He tells us stories about what they do in school. We thought that it was just because it’s his first school and that kids tend to act the same way. Months passed, but the excitement and happiness never left. He still tells stories about school. He takes home terms like precipitation, vena cava, capillaries, and explains them to us. There are times when he would make his own drink or whatever you may call it. He mixes banana and mango with yogurt. He makes different variations from chocolates to different fruits. There were times when we hear him singing tunes from school. Benedict really developed and progressed, just like what the school promised.

We saw confidence in our shy boy. We do not practice English at home but he does so now with confidence. We saw talent that we never knew he had. At home, he applies what he learned in school. He teaches us the values he acquired and the lessons he learned. The school does not only teach their students, but the parents as well. We learned to support the development of our son. We realized that learning can be fun and enjoyable when the one teaching shares the same passion and excitement as the one being taught.

Benedict is now on his second school year in Creative Space. When you know or experience something good, you share it with others. That’s what we did. We helped in promoting not just the school, but the values and learning that the school offers. They believed and became as satisfied, maybe even more. I have to admit, with the entire crisis happening, budget was our first priority. But with the experience and satisfaction we are getting from the school, we felt that what we’re paying for isn’t enough. We wondered – with all the things that the school is giving the kids for their development, does the school still generate profit? We felt an urge to ask the question. So one day my wife had an opportunity to ask Teacher Auchee, who just smiled and said “Hindi po namin iniisip yan. We’re just passionate in what we do.” We are grateful for what the school has done for us, especially our son. We’re glad we made the right decision.

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  1. Hi Angel,

    Closed na yung school, mga 4 years ago. Nanghihinayang nga ako kasi I have a daughter na I would have enrolled there.

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