Del Monte products at 10% Off at Shopee’s 6.6-7.7 Mid-Year Sale

Del Monte products at 10% Off at Shopee’s 6.6-7.7 Mid-Year Sale

Gadgets, accessories, and other trinkets aren’t the only things I buy at Shopee, I sometimes buy my groceries there too, especially if there’s a promo. Shopee’s 6.6 and 7.7 mid year sale is one of the promos that I was looking forward to every year because brands that I like, like Del Monte, has a lot of amazing offers.

Del Monte has been part of our kitchen and dining experience for decades. Now that I’m preparing meals for my own family I make sure I serve them the best. Speaking of Del Monte, I found a few interesting products that I never knew they have being sold at their official Shopee page –

These products are available only for a limited time only. The Tipco 100% Lychee Fruit Juice 1L Tetra isn’t just lychee juice, it comes with coconut water. with no added sugar, no preservatives, no colorants and no artificial flavorings. Plus it’s high in Vitamin A, C, and E! It’s naturally healthy, surprisingly delicious. Also something new to try is the Del Monte Tropical Punch Juice Drink 1L Tetra.

The nexts set of surprise products are the Del Monte Potato Crisp Biscuit and the Del Monte Fiesta Langka Fruit Cocktail. Who would have thought that they also make biscuits and fruit cocktail with langka. The biscuits are thin and crisp but like any biscuit but it’s made from real potatoes and are baked not fried. I have yet to try fruit cocktail because I’ve never tasted a fruit salad with langka.

The last items on list are my favorite Del Monte products – Del Monte Quick n Easy BBQ Marinate and the all-time pinoy favorite Del Monte Sarap Savers Party Pack – Filipino Style. The barbecue marinade has the right blend of spices and seasonings, that takes out the guesswork in achieving the perfect BBQ taste. While the pasta is the best there is in the market at a very competitive price. It’s al dente in 10 minutes! 

There are more surprising products available at Del Monte’s official Shopee page and you can’t easily find them in your local groceries and supermarkets. Trust me, they’re hard to find. On top of that, you get discounts you don’t usually get from a store.

So click away and add to cart! Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store, Huawei App Store or at the Google Playstore.