Dole Made Lots’A Pizzas Even Better

Dole Made Lots’A Pizzas Even Better

Who doesn’t pizza?  The melted cheese, the crunchy peppers, the tasty meat and hot delicious pan topped in rich tomato sauce and pineapples. Yes, I love the Hawaiian style pizza, the pineapple is a must have for me and my daughter. What made pizza everyone’s favorite is its variety, anybody can make their own version of pizza, and that is the reason there are more and more pizza restaurants and stores open. One of the most established local pizza chain is Lots’ A Pizza which has been serving the best affordable pizza since 1987.


After 26 years Lots’A Pizza still fires up the the Filipino cravings for pizza with their selection of  classic and premium lines of pizza. Now with the addition of the partnership with Dole Philippines, their pizzas just got better. Dole has created a special pineapple cut just for Lots’A Pizza naming it the pizza cut. Its all-natural sweet taste makes for a perfect combination with other delicious toppings for a hearty pizza treat.

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For the Premium line up, they have the Manhattan Deluxe, Hawaiian Extreme and the Pure Beef Supreme everything come with Lots’A Pizza cheese and mozzarella cheese in Pinoy-style pizza sauce all on top of our rectangular premium thick crust.

The Manhattan Deluxe comes with the combination of 5 meat toppings – pepperoni, spiced ham, sweet ham, smoked bacon, and burger pellets, 4 veggie toppings – pineapple slices, button mushroom, green bell pepper and white onion, 2 cheese.

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The Hawaiian Extreme has variations of ham plus smoked bacon and slices of sweet pineapple.

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Pure Supreme Beef is of 100% Beef Burger Pellets together with button mushroom, white onion, and bell pepper.

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Lots’A Pizza now has 204 pizza outlets and 50 franchisees, what brought them to how where they are now, are their Classic and Best Seller line up starting with the Garden Harvest, an veggies pizza –green bell pepper, white onion, button mushroom and pineapple tidbits.

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The Hungarian Fiesta comes with slices of Hungarian sausage and white onion.

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Double Whammy is a combination of spiced ham and sweet ham.

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Pepperoni N’ Mushroom of course has slices of pepperoni and button mushroom while the Hotdog Fiesta slices of hotdogs, pineapple tidbits and button mushrooms.

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The Great Manhattan is the low down version of the Manhattan Deluxe, it also has beef pellets, pepperoni and spiced ham together with pineapple tidbits, button mushroom and green bell pepper.

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Pure Beef Special is topped with 100% beef pellets, button mushroom, green bell pepper.

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Aside from the Premium, Classic and Best Seller line up, Lots’A Pizza also has something special for every season, the Pizza of the Season. This Mother’s Day and Father’s Day they created the Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, it comes with burger pellets, bacon slices, tomato and white onion rings, 3 types of  cheese. Too bad it’s only available for a limited time.

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If you’re having a hard time choosing, you don;t have to worry because all is just right. Let’s Pizza with Lots’ A Pizza and Dole… Take pleasure in satisfying your craving for a grand pizza feast!

For more information on Lots’ A Pizza’s latest menu offerings and franchising opportunities, log on to

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