Earn From Home in Real Estate with Ohmyhome’s ELITE Network!

Earn From Home in Real Estate with Ohmyhome’s ELITE Network!

Don’t we all love the internet! It brought in a lot of opportunities to earn online. From blogging, content creation, creating and selling your own digital products, selling real estate, and even spreading chismis.

You read that right, you can earn by being a Marites, and recruiting more people to spread awareness. It’s not the typical gossiping chever that we’re used to seeing online. Mostly just like what you do on social media every day. You share information.

No, you’re not going to be a troll or a fake news peddler, you will be helping anyone from your network find their dream home through Ohmyhome. If you haven’t heard of them, that’s totally fine. They’re just an award-winning, property technology start-up company in Southeast Asia, with presence in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. They have a website where they feature properties for sale. No, they’re not a marketplace, they are in partnership with the country’s top developers, registered sales agents, and licensed brokers.

Now that you know about Ohmyhome, here’s how you can earn from being a Marites. You know naman that flaunting homes has, and still is a trend online. Sharing their wins, their struggles and how they worked hard in getting their dream homes – I’m looking at you Home Buddies. You can be part of their journey by helping them acquire their dream homes by introducing them to Ohmyhome.

To begin, just register to Ohmyhome’s ELITE Network and upload two valid government IDs if you’re a referral partner, and if you’re a licensed broker or an accredited real estate sales person, you need to upload your valid PRC ID and one (1) valid government ID.

There’s more than one way to earn inside the Elite Network.

As a referral partner:

  • You can share the properties to your network with your unique link, and once they buy, incentives you get incentives. You earn a maximum of 1.5% worth of incentive as an ELITE referral partner by simply referring a client.
  • You can refer your network to join the ELITE Network with your unique code, so if they sell a property, you also receive referral incentives.

As a licensed real estate broker or an accredited salesperson:

  • There is a maximum incentive rate of 3% is only applicable to ELITE Sellers who are able to close their sales directly with their clients.

Aside from the sales commission, you also get exciting rewards such as:

  • You and your team receives team incentives when your team reaches a minimum of P10M, with each member having a minimum sales of P2M.
  • Milestone-based incentives and premium perks await top earners, from cash and cards to mobile devices.

So, why join the Elite Network instead of just selling properties the old fashioned way:

✅ Access to more than 40,000 units available for sale from more than 100 prestigious developers nationwide.
✅ Free product knowledge seminars held every Tuesday at 10-11AM hosted by the ELITE Network in partnership with the featured developers.
✅ Free exclusive training and coaching sessions for the ELITE Network members.
✅ Exceptional support from the ELITE Network for the entire sales journey, and hassle-free transaction with your buyers.
✅ Unlimited earning potential from various incentives with every sale transaction.

Another reason why you should join the ELITE Network is that their goal is always to close a sale. Your clients will get our full attention with an assigned team to ensure the sales experience is well- taken care of. If you need someone to tour your client to the property, a sales agent will do that for you. Rest assured that your client will be taken care of and leads won’t go to waste. will assist you.

Let me share a little secret. I also found out that we can build our real estate empire through the ELITE Network! If you want to know more, register now and the ELITE Representatives will teach you how!

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