Shopping Made Safe and Easy with EasyShop.Ph

Shopping Made Safe and Easy with EasyShop.Ph

More and more people are diving in to the online business bandwagon. Also, more and more people are being scammed (both buyer and seller). I only know a few individuals who became successful from selling online (kimstore).

There are many pros and cons of becoming an online seller, one of the disadvantages is that it limits the number of sales a seller can potentially have if you rely on meet ups for delivery. Also there is no money back guarantee, once they have your money you like won’t get a refund for defective items, or undelivered.

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Nelson A. Liao, Chief Executive Officer and President of EasyShop Online Inc, saw all this  and decided to create a new online shopping site that will address all these to help both the sellers and buyers. It is armed with a 70-million peso investment aiming to be the number one online shopping site in the Philippines.


What we can assure is that the site is scam-free and has a risk-free environment  for both buyers and seller,” stated Liao. What gives EasyShop the edge?

  • It has the perfect and safe online platform with flexible and trusted payment options including all major credit cards, Paypal and Dragon Pay.
  • Secured and risk-free on-site business transactions;
  • Free, user-friendly website for bot seller and buyer.
  • Money is safe and kept for within the system and will be forwarded to the seller upon delivery.

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For sellers, we have built-in apps for the most smartphones and tablets in the Philippines so the coverage is really extensive.  We plan to have a diverse advertising method to help out our sellers not to mention a huge advertising budget every month. is in partnership with Nelson Technology, Inc.  nad PoziHongKong Technology Ltd. – two reliable software development entities that handles the website.  To help the sellers it has a 5 million peso advertising project budget plan per month.


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