Pampanga Food Tour Part 2 – Everybody’s Cafe

Pampanga Food Tour Part 2 – Everybody’s Cafe

Everybody’s Cafe is a must visit if you’re a foodie and in for an adventure. Unlike Atching Lillian Borromeo’s where you would have to make a reservation in advance for you to savor her masterpieces, at Everybody’s Cafe you can just walk in just like what everyone does. So don’t be surprised if you see the place packed with customers wanting a taste of their favorites.

Everybody's Cafe (33)

Everybody’s Cafe is located at San Fernando, Pampanga and this is where everybody eats – “The Home of Authentic Kapampangan Cuisine.” It was packed when we came because it was during lunch break people from nearby offices and tourists filled the restaurant.

Everybody's Cafe (30)

Everybody's Cafe (31)

While we were waiting for our food, I chance upon a man on the other end of the room preparing something. I got a little curious and approached and was a bit surprised with what I saw. He was removing the spiky parts of the Camaros, I think it was the mouth part.

Everybody's Cafe (22)

Here it is on close up.

Everybody's Cafe (18)

The Camaro is a delicacy. It started when there was a large group of Camaros that swarmed their farms and decided to make something out of it – food.  Immediately after catching it, they dump them in to a pail of vinegar to kill them and kinda cooking them at the same time.

Everybody's Cafe (9)

 It’s still crispy  even when cooked and it tastes good, it just doesn’t feel right.

Aside from the insects, they also serve amphibians. Eating frogs are not new to me. During our visit to my in-laws in Bulacan, we were the ones to catch these little fellows and cook them our selves. It was actually fun catching them, we have a stick with a line and a worms at the end of it. It was during and after the rain when they come out.

Everybody's Cafe (10)

What they served was stuffed frogs. It was crispy and taste like chicken, just like what everyone says, because it really does taste like chicken. The grilled pork stuffed in to it was an added delight. you’ll forget you are eating an amphibian.

Next in our plate is “Tapang Kalabaw” or Carabao’s meat. I’ve eaten horse meat and I think I have eaten dog’s meat,I think (they were probably just playing a joke on me).

Everybody's Cafe (7)

Carabao’s meat is rare as it is being regulated by the government, after all, it is our “National Animal.” I can’t say I liked it, but most of them did, including Chucky.

Then there’s the Kapampangan Sisig, it is not as crispy as I expected it. It was not served on a sizzling plate like what they are served now. I guess that was the way it was done originally. I love it still.

Everybody's Cafe (15)

Morcon is the same as the one that Atching Lilian served us.

Everybody's Cafe (8)

Here are the rest o them:

Everybody's Cafe (26)

Everybody's Cafe (17)

Everybody's Cafe (5)

Everybody’s Cafe is a treat to all tourist who are looking for authentic kapampangan food, you won’t regret adding them to your tour of Pampanga.

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