Experience Gran Prix Manila

Experience Gran Prix Manila

Grand Prix, with the help of Orange Magazine TV, launched their very first bloggers night at Grand Prix Manila.  I honestly don’t have any idea how to get there.  I have the address and google maps but I still have no idea on how to get there, Manila is such a big place. I asked directions from my work mates but I got lost even more.


We are asked to be at Grand Prix Manila at 6pm, so I made sure that all my office works are done before 5pm so I can do my Honda (hon-da-dot). As soon as clock strucked 5pm I did my Honda move and went down the elevator, rode the first bus I saw that has an LRT sign-age then boarded the LRT to Pedro Gil.
At Pedro Gil, I walked as if I know where I was going.  I think I asked 5 people for directions on my way Gran Prix. I saw the Manila that people are talking about.  I saw a lot of bars, foreigners, small business establishments, street vendors, women wearing skimpy clothes and trannies glaring at me.  I continued walking unsure if I was going the right way.  I was lookng for a building number but most of them are hidden. It took me 10 minutes of walking until I saw building number 1172, now I can relax.  Since Gran Prix building number is at 1325 it’ll just be a few minutes of walking.
The building was unnoticeable, I almost missed it.

The use of this 360° virtual tour of Gran Prix Manila is authorized by Traveloka.



As I entered the hotel I was welcomed by a huge Buddha statue (which reminds of someone I know). By the looks of it  and where it’s place I think it was there to attract good vibes, and it did.  It attracted me.  Aside from the the Buddha figure there were also a couple of decorations complementing the Zen-like ambiance of the reception. The area was well lit and the furniture was appropriately place giving the small floor area a big, roomy look.  It didn’t look or feel small at all.  Aside from the huge comfortable couch, there were also a couple of coffee tables if you want to get some drinks or read the papers or browse the internet on their free Wi-Fi. Again, free Wi-Fi.  If you don’t have a Wi-Fi capable device with you you can rent one of their computers to browse the internet or check you mails.  You can also watch TV on the LCD TV hanging by the reception area.





The look and feel of the receiving are made me forget that I’m in Manila, it was as if I was in a hotel in Makati or Ortigas.



You can either use the stairs or the elevator to go up to your room. The elevator can accommodate a number passengers, it’s even bigger than the ones we have at our office, MJ Plaza.  If you are a health buff, use the stairs. It only has seven floors anyway.



Each floor is decorated with paintings of what to see in Manila.  There are paintings of Rizal Park, the Manila Bay, the old churches and other landmarks. Each floor also has it’s own fire exit to comply with the safety regulations.


It’s time to visit the rooms. First stop is the Easy Room.  It’s a pretty small room. One bed, and a cabinet but still fully air-conditioned.  Perfect for loners, or people who travel alone.  There is a common bathroom for each floor and it’s really clean, I assure you that.



Then we have the Deluxe Room this is where of most of us stayed.  Two beds and a bathroom with a bath tub.  The room also has an LCD TV hanging on the wall, a desk/table and also fully air-conditioned.



The Family Room.  Good for family and barkada’s as well. This room is very spacious.  You can have your kids run around the room and still not bump in to each other.



The Superior Room



Grand Prix Hotel, Manila also offers great tasting food courtesy of Namayan Filipino Restaurant. Managed by a 24 yr old chef, Gren.  The name Namayan, as far as I can remember, is the name of one of the three kingdoms of Rajah Sulaiman III. There’s Tondo, Namayan, Sabag.  Namayan offers one of a kind Filipino dishes.








Grand Prix and Namayan restaurant offers a different type of entertainment every evening.  They have acoustic nights, jazz nights, videoke nights and bikini nights among others.  It was a pity that we weren’t there for the bikini nights.



Back to regular programming.  The bloggers night was a presentation of Gran Prix Hotels, a 100% Filipino-owned company.  It started operation in 2006 with division located in Cebu, Boracay, Pasay, Cubao, Tarlac and the newly opened Gran Prix Manila.


Gran Prix gave away free trip for two to Boracay and Cebu to two lucky bloggers, I mean talented bloggers.  Winning the prize was not easy.  It was difficult but fun, we enjoyed it more than any raffle.  It was talent contest and a question and answer portion for the top 5. Here’s a sample, I hope Alex forgives me for posting this.


The grand winner for the contest was Montsch Acosta. The uber talented couple Montsch and Iris will be heading to Boracay or just stay at home if they decided to just give the prize to me.


To end the bitterness in the room, we drank  and ate like there’s no tomorrow.  We shared our bitterness with the stars and the moon while others sang their blues away with the videoke machine.






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