Stress Less with FERN-C!

Stress Less with FERN-C!

Living and working in the city can be somewhat exhausting, especially with the endless stream of stressors, pollutants and pressure. At times, it can be too much to handle and in turn, become outright life draining. That’s why you need something that can help you stay strong and resilient throughout the day’s ordeals – what you need is Vitamin C!  Contrary to popular belief though, not all Vitamin C supplements are created equal.


Studies show that the immune system weakens due to the onset of stress. This explains why our bodies get weak and become susceptible to illness.  However, we can greatly reduce that possibility by taking Vitamin C daily.

According to Dr. Oz’s website, Vitamin C is able to. Because of Vitamin C’s ability to regulate stress, it becomes the necessary and most convenient way to alleviate stress on those hectic work days.

Vitamin C is regarded by many as a “cure all” for most ailments, because its primquickly clear out cortisol – a primary stress hormoneary function is to boost the immune system, protecting the body from flu, cough, bronchitis and other viral and bacterial infections. Aside from this, it also acts as a potent anti-oxidant.   Finally, Sodium Ascorbate FERN-C also promotes healthy gums, teeth, bones and other connective tissues.

Choose Sodium Ascorbate FERN-C

It is a common misconception that Vitamin C comes only in one form – Ascorbic Acid.  The truth is there is in fact another form of Vitamin C called Sodium Ascorbate and it is actually superior to Ascorbic Acid in areas where it counts.

For one, Sodium Ascorbate dissolves faster upon ingestion. This means that the body reaps the benefits of Vitamin C faster, enabling it to quickly act on stress. In addition to that, Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate supplements are non-acidic and thus better tolerated.  Unlike Ascorbic Acid which causes stomach discomfort unless taken with meals, Soduim Ascorbate can be taken on an empty stomach.

With its pH level at 7.5 to 7.8, Sodium Ascorbate FERN-C is alkaline-based to neutralize acidity in the stomach. This makes it the perfect vitamin for those with hyper-acidity, and people whose schedules cause irregular sleeping and frequent meal skipping.

The good news is that the number one Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate brand in the Philippines, FERN-C, which used to be available only via multi-level marketing, is now on sale via retail.

The quality of FERN-C is assured because each pack is certified with the Quali-C seal, as the Sodium Ascorbate which is the active ingredient of FERN-C was developed and it manufactured by DSM, the only European Vitamin C manufacturer.

Despite the limitations of the MLM distribution scheme, FERN-C is the number one Sodium Ascorbate brand in the country, and well and truly “subok na” among its faithful users.

FERN-C is now available in major drugstores nationwide.

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