Figaro Coffee Has More Than Just Coffee

Figaro Coffee has more than just coffee and pastries, it has rice meals that will satisfy your cravings for a heavy meal. Meals that are cooked and prepared as soon as it is ordered, guaranteeing a fresh, hot, and great tasting meal. Each meal is created with Figaro Coffee customers in mind.

Figaro 3

Gourmet Tuyo in Olive Oil,  spicy dried fish in olive oil with rice, grilled eggplant and salsa. served with a cup of brewed coffee. This meal is part of the All-Day breakfast meal and comes with a freshly brewed coffee. I don’t know if you can, but if you can, you might need an extra rice or more for this.

First of two Classic Favourite Meal is the Salisbury Steak Burger, it is made from lean ground beef with Figaro’s mushroom gravy, rice and corn-carrots-peas. This one deserved an extra rice too. Each of the classic favourite meal is served with iced tea.

Figaro 1

My favorite among all the rice meals is the Beef Broccoli Stir Fry, beef sirloin strips stew dish with broccoli, quail eggs, and baby corns. The sauce is perfect and the beef is cooked right, it’s chewable, LOL. I have a hard time cooking beef, mine always ends up like rubber. This one’s just what I want to achieve at home.

Figaro 2

When we want to eat, we usually look for a coffee place to hang out after, here at Figaro Coffee we no longer have to leave the place. Everything is here plus the ambiance and the smell of coffee is very relaxing. Eat, drink, and have fun at Figaro Coffee.

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