Fishman Opens at Bonifacio Global City

Fishman Opens at Bonifacio Global City

There may be a lot of fishes in the sea but finding one that will satisfy your deep blue sea craving may be quite difficult.  In fact, there are only a few restaurants that offers a school of great tasting fishes. You don’t have to be a fisherman to capture them, just head to Fishman.

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Fishman is located at the G/F One Technology Tower 31st Street, Rizal Drive in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, near St. Lukes.


It has this colorful summer look that’s very appealing and soothing. Something that I would love to be in during office breaks. Away from those monotone office desks and monotonous sound of your boss declining your requests for leaves.  It would’ve been more fun if   The Little Mermaid’s Under the Sea is playing in the background while you wait in line deciding which one to order.

 Fishman offers a wide variety of seafood dishes, mostly fish.

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Asian Tuna Salad – P120
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Classic Fish and Chips

I am not a fan of fish fillet because I find them tasteless and just depends on the dip. This is one is not only taste goo but is also cooked perfectly. I forgot to ask what fish this is but I assume it’s usually Cream Dory.  The fish is soft and still juicy it’s like it’s dissolving in your mouth while you chew.

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Ultimate Shrimp Burger & Fries – P185
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Fishman Carbonara – P180

The Fishman Carbonara has tuna and topped with tinapa (smoked fish). Here’s what I think is unique, the drinking glasses. They’re little fishbowls.  I never imagined drinking something out of a fishbowl.

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The fishbowl

Now for the all time specials. Fishman Specials comes with Fishman house soup and rice.

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Bangus al Bistek (w/ garlic rice ) – P239
Butterfly Tilapia w/ Ensalada(w/ garlic rice) - P230
Butterfly Tilapia w/ Ensalada(w/ garlic rice) – P230
Dynamite Fish Lumpia (w/ garlic rice) - P118
Dynamite Fish Lumpia (w/ garlic rice) – P118

Better request for an additional glass of water for this one because this is THE BOMB! It very spicy but it tastes good you want to take another bite.

Tune Belly Teriyaki(w/ kalkag rice) - P235
Tuna Belly Teriyaki(w/ kalkag rice) – P235
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Kung Pao Calamares(w/ seafood rice) – P155
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All Shrimp Tempura Solo (5pcs w/ seafood rice) – P225
Sharing (8pcs w/ seafood rice) – P269

Sizzling they’re way to your mouths are the of my favorites.

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Bangus Ala Pobre
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Spicy Tuna SisigP120

These two does not come with rice but I bet you’ll need more than one. You can choose from plain rice – P28, garlic rice – P35, kalkag – P49, Fisherman seafood rice – P98. After taking so much of the sea, you can head on to the sweet shores and get some of these.

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Buco Pandan SupremeP80
Coffee Jelly OverloadP70

Fishman made me realize that staying away from chicken, pork and beef once in a while isn’t bad at all. After all, it’s healthy.

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