Food Adventure at Johnny Rockets

Food Adventure at Johnny Rockets

One of the best fastfood restaurant I have got in to also has of the best burgers I’ve tasted, Johnny Rockets.

It was the 50’s setting, specially the music that got me. I grew up listening to the songs my dad listens to. From the Beach Boys, Herman Hermits, The Monkees, The Mamas and the Papas. It very felt very nostalgic. I always wanted to experience how it feels like living in the era where those songs got popular. I remember a scene in Back to the Future where Michael J Fox enters a restaurant which looks like Johnny Rockets. Johnny Rockets is the closest I can get.

The food is definitely delicious in huge servings, and surprisingly affordable. I thought that it would be worth more.

 Don’t be surprised if you see the waiters suddenly gathers is one area and dance to the tune of My Sharona, or Rock Baby Rock or any 70′ s dance music.

Whiel you’re at it you also may want to check out The Venice Piazza’s Food Adventure.  Taste the flavor of over 12 restaurants for only P600, no staples coupons 2012 needed. From the same restaurants that participated in Platter for 8 last November plus more. Blackwood Bistro, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Empire Deli & Restaurant, Figaro, Kuse, Little Asia Symphony of Flavors, Old Vine Grille, Pinchos Restaurant & Bar, Pho Hoa, Ramen Bar, Yo Swirls by BTIC, KBOP, Red Crab Alimango House and Sol Gelato.

Food Adventure is from January 7 to March 31, 2012. Saturdays and Sundays only form 4PM to 9PM.  Check out Az’s Food Adventure.

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