foodpanda Logistics Seeks New Ka-pandas in Pasig Caravan

foodpanda Logistics Seeks New Ka-pandas in Pasig Caravan

Following a successful turnout at their first caravan, foodpanda logistics is hosting another event in Pasig City. This caravan aims to recruit new freelance delivery partners and offer them the chance to sign up and get started on the platform immediately. Attendees can expect a streamlined onboarding process, the opportunity to receive bonuses and perks, and a chance to connect with foodpanda representatives.

Expanding the Fleet

Ron Sanders, foodpanda logistics’ Rider Experience Lead, highlights the caravan’s goal of creating more livelihood opportunities with flexible work schedules. This initiative will not only benefit aspiring Ka-pandas but will also enhance delivery capabilities and improve the overall customer experience.


foodpanda welcomes applications from motorcycle riders, bikers, and walkers. “Our Ka-pandas come from diverse backgrounds,” says Sanders, “and we offer a platform that provides both freedom and a chance to earn a living.”

Support for Existing and New Ka-pandas

The caravan will feature Rider Express Support, a dedicated team to assist existing Ka-pandas with their concerns and questions. This initiative reflects foodpanda’s commitment to fostering a strong connection with their delivery partners.

pandaPatrol: Bringing Support on the Road

For the past year, foodpanda has been using their pandaPatrol: Hub on Wheels program to connect with Ka-pandas nationwide. These mobile hubs visit various cities and provinces, offering interactive activities, a support desk, and a chance to personally meet with foodpanda representatives.


“We prioritize being present for our Ka-pandas,” says Sanders. “That personal connection allows us to better understand their needs and provide the support they deserve.”

Investing in Well-being

Newly onboarded partners will receive training sessions on road safety and efficient delivery practices. foodpanda also prioritizes the well-being of their existing partners.

Enjoy various benefits, including the Bamboo Rewards program, where they earn points for deliveries that can be exchanged for merchandise. Additionally, foodpanda has partnered with insurance providers to offer coverage during deliveries and has secured discounts on health essentials to support their Ka-pandas’ well-being.


“We take care of our partners every step of the way,” concludes Sanders. “Once they join us, they can start benefiting from these perks and the support we offer.”