GCash Spotlight: Heart Evangelista

GCash Spotlight: Heart Evangelista

GCash, the Philippines’ top finance app, is entering a whole new phase; they’re calling it the era of financial progress. To kick things off, they’ve got a new face on board: the fabulous Heart Evangelista-Escudero herself!

GCash wants to help everyone in the Philippines get their finances on track. Heart shared her own experience with GCash—all the ways it helps her manage her money and make savvy spending decisions.

Neil Trinidad, GCash’s Chief Marketing Officer, says it perfectly: “GCash wants to give everyone that confidence to shop for whatever makes them happy, save for their goals, and manage their finances without stress. We’re so excited to have Heart leading the way – she’s the perfect inspiration for this financial progress movement.”

Behind the Scenes with Heart

GCash held an event to launch this partnership – with Heart and the King of Talk, Boy Abunda. It was the first episode of the series GCash Spotlight.

They talked all about how GCash makes Heart’s life easier. Here’s what I found most interesting:

  • “Sending love” with Express Send: It’s super easy and free to send money to any other GCash user. This must be perfect for helping friends or paying for that cute shop.
  • Scan-to-Pay everywhere: Say goodbye to the hassle of cash and cards! It works both here and even overseas. I hear those Paris shops get expensive… 😉
  • Sweet online deals: Who doesn’t love snagging the best prices? GCash gives you special discounts when you use it to pay online.

Heart’s Money Moves: Save, Splurge, and Invest

The “Save, Splurge, or Invest” segment was so fun! Heart let us in on her secrets. It’s possible to build up your savings and still treat yourself (within reason, of course!). Plus, Heart got real about investing, showing that you don’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle to grow your money.

Here’s what she said: “GCash has your back in every way. From money transfers to paying bills, from setting up savings to insurance, and even stocks – I love that there’s so much in one app.

GCash does cover it all:

  • GSave: Easy saving accounts with awesome interest rates
  • GStocks: Invest in stocks right from your phone!
  • GInsure: Affordable travel insurance to keep those vacations worry-free

Bonus: Tips for Couples

The last part of the event focused on Heart and Senator Chiz! Talk about the power couple’s financial goals. They both use GCash to keep track of things—a smart move for every couple out there!

What’s Next?

So, get ready for some new videos featuring Heart with all the juicy details about using GSave, GStocks, and GInsure.

GCash believes everyone deserves to reach their financial goals, so they’re always working on new stuff to help you out. As Neil Trinidad said, “This year is going to be even more exciting for GCash!